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Time-Sensitive Healthcare Review Expedited with Automated Excel Redactions

The Challenge

One of the oldest law firms in the United States provides hundreds of attorneys who manage complex, legal matters in healthcare. Recently, they encountered the need to redact sensitive information across some non-standardized documents, including large PDFs. Their review team needed to cut time and ensure that the quality of their redaction work was not compromised by any urgency from the lawyers handling the case. They also needed to manage many large Excel files that could not be viewed in the Relativity viewer and required external review.

Key Facts​

  • Time-sensitive Healthcare Litigation​

  • 70,000 Non-standardized Documents

  • Many Documents with External Markups

The Solution

Highlighting how easy and intuitive Blackout is to use, this law firm’s review team relied primarily on Milyli’s user guides – after a quick training call – to build their redaction workflows for this review. These training materials showed them step-by-step how to use Blackout to accurately and securely redact sensitive Protected Health Information in compliance with HIPAA Privacy Rules – as well as how to safely perform external markups on their larger Excel files.

Blackout’s ability to find that information and obscure it regardless of where it is located on the document also made the software essential for this job, which included many native Excel files and imaged PDFs. However, by cutting the additional manual review time non-standardized formats added to redaction work in this case, the team was then able to focus on their quality control checks and the non-Relativity stages of the workflow.

Speaking to how easily reviewers worked with Blackout in the Relativity viewer: “You don’t really realize that it’s a separate product,” the law firm rep reported. They also shared the lawyers managing this case credited Blackout specifically for resolving the pain points they identified in the review.


Download as a Free PDF:

.19 Milyli Blackout Time-Sensitiv

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