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Provider and Multiple Law Firms Reach a Critical Deadline Redacting With Blackout

The Challenge

As a service provider working with four law firms navigated an extensive review, they quickly realized they would need Blackout to reach their production deadline of less than a month. This required a solution their team could roll out painlessly across various locations.

This review also included almost one million documents, primarily emails and Excel files with attachments and sensitive metadata. The Blackout customer shared imaging these Excels would have resulted in “tens of thousands of files.” Additionally, the end client expected Native files to be included in the final production.


“Our team had to find solutions to new problems extremely quickly.”

Service Provider's Director of eDiscovery


The Solution

This provider realized Blackout – with its easy-to-learn Native Excel redaction functionality – was the only tool for Relativity that could process the sheer volume of documents shared by the end client’s four law firms. Existing Blackout users at these organizations collaborated with Milyli’s support team on a sample batch before instructing the larger team on how to process their workload. With Blackout, despite the volume, complexity, and short timeframe, a fast-acting flexible provider delivered “a higher quality production” than what felt possible at the start of the casework.

Additionally, this provider shared that onboarding Blackout felt particularly intuitive with the help of the Milyli support team and because of Blackout’s seamless integration into Relativity – enabling even unpracticed users to start adding redactions and markups comfortably and quickly. The support team was also cited as essential to helping resolve an infrastructure issue encountered early in the review.


Success Factors

  • Used for manual and automatable redaction needs

  • Tested workflows before fully activating across their larger team

  • Capitalized on free support resources for additional quality control


Download as a Free PDF:

2022.04.10 Blackout Provider Four Law Firms
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