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Blackout Sensitive Information Easily.

Blackout is the most robust and advanced redaction and markup tool for Relativity.


Redaction has come a long way since the days of black markers thanks to Blackout.

Improve Work without Redesigning Workflows 

Take advantage of time-saving features like Suggested Redactions whenever they’re right for the job and without sacrificing control and choice.

Spot Sensitive Data and Secure It Simply

Blackout makes finding any information as easy as a “Control Find” action with features like Find & Redact for Images.

Apply Markups Quickly and Thoroughly

Even when matters are complex, Blackout’s intuitive design makes powerful automated jobs as simple to setup and targeted as manual projects.

Respond Confidently to Any Client Demands

Redaction, Markup, Obfuscation, or Sanitization – whatever you call it – use Blackout on any client ask, assured its versatile, time-tested capabilities can handle the work. Below are even more examples of how users like to use Blackout in their workspaces.