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Steve loves digging into complex business problems and solving them. He got his start in the consulting world nearly 20 years ago and has since used his background as a consultant and tech geek to help people in eDiscovery work faster and smarter. Steve founded Milyli in 2008, and since then, he’s been living the “make it like you like it” dream and helping our clients do the same.

Steve Ankenbrandt

312-265-0136 x210

CEO + Founder

Peter joined Milyli in 2016 as Director of Finance after 7 years at PwC and 2 years consulting at The Siegfried Group developing his deep love of using financial analysis to make sense of complicated business issues. When not in spreadsheets, Peter enjoys spending time with his wife, Maureen, and two young children. Most summer weekends you’ll find him on a boat with family and friends.

Peter Nachtsheim

312-265-0136 x204

Director of Finance

For over 15 years, Andrew has built solutions with Microsoft technologies across a variety of industries. He works exceptionally hard to ensure his team feels confident and comfortable with their processes and procedures. He believes this is critical to supporting the quality design and efficient processes that deliver the best product experiences in the market.

Andrew Boudreau

312-265-0136 x258

Software Architect

Deborah is a DePaul graduate with degrees in Film and Animation, which helps her make sure the bug screenshots she submits are framed beautifully. (She’s a Quality Assurance Engineer.)

Deborah Mathis

312-265-0136 x276

QA Engineer

Cormack once collected someone who was wearing a full suit of armor from the airport; this passenger was told to expect someone who looked like “Freddie Mercury, but serious.” Cormack works as a software developer to support their family’s swordplay habit.

Eric Cormack

312-265-0136 x262

Software Developer

As a product manager on the custom services team, Joseph enjoys helping others by designing new applications, improving existing workflows, and finding ways to do more with less. His other interests include psychology, electrical engineering, and writing. He is of no relation to Jennifer Lopez, but you can call him "JLow" if you like.

Joseph Low

312-265-0136 x244

Product Manager

Kristy loves working in HR because she's able to pursue her passion and help teams with their most important resource – people! When Kristy is not spreading HR joy, she can be found spending time with her loved ones (the human and four-legged variety), binging great TV, meeting interesting people at fan conventions, listening to podcasts, reading, traveling, and trying out new hobbies.

Kristy Sullivan

312-265-0136 x205

HR Manager

Lissa previously worked at Milyli in Ops, left to complete her MA in Computer Science, and returned as an Automation Engineer. In addition to her team, she loves traveling, hiking, and off-roading with her husband. She enjoys yoga, has a passion for food, and loves being a mom. She’s hoping to master crow pose, own land in Moab, and visit all 50 states with her son before he goes to college.

Lissa Errea

312-265-0136 x274

Senior Automation Engineer

Steve Watkins has been in IT since the Vikings were inventing mead. He is also an award-winning journalist, music and food critic, and photographer. He takes photos of historic buildings using vintage wooden film cameras and works in his darkroom in his spare time.

Steve Watkins


IT Manager

Trent is a Project Manager and self-proclaimed sports guru who considers life complete after only having to wait 30 years for the Cubs to win the World Series.

Trent Brouillette

312-265-0136 x245

Director of Customer Advocacy

Jed focuses his team on understanding customer needs, pain points, and goals when designing solutions for them. Using an iterative approach, Jed finds the right pairing of technologies and processes that deliver the highest value features to customers as quickly as possible. He co-founded Milyli in 2008, prior to which he worked at the SAVO Group and kCura/Relativity.

Jed Cassinelli

312-265-0136 x212

VP, Services + Founder

Barrett Newell is a Kentuckiana native slowly morphing into a true Chicagoan. He specializes in integrated marketing. However, having come of age during the Myspace era, it’s hard for him to talk about himself in anything other than cryptic song lyrics. (Keep looking up for the ladder!) Tell him about the last great book you read.

Barrett Newell

312-265-0136 x291

Senior Marketing Manager

Brian – or "BVK" as the team knows him – started at Milyli as a software developer in 2016. Previously, he worked for Packet Power, Neutron Star Games, and End All Games. The Milyli team looks up to BVK – not just because he's tall – but because of his ongoing dedication to delivering quality features and thorough testing solutions for Milyli products.

Brian von Kuster

312-265-0136 x260

Senior Automation Engineer

Drake aims to help find the most elegant solution for any situation and loves solving problems, whether it's for a customer challenge or a board of Magic: the Gathering. Drake is very extroverted, and you will find him frequently collaborating, organizing a board game, and attending festivals with friends. His favorite travel destinations include anywhere with swimming and craft beer trails.

Drake Sasser


Software Developer

Jeffrey loves helping others solve problems and learning in the process. In his free time, Jeffrey enjoys binging TV shows, spending time with his family and friends, and trying new foods and restaurants. A lover of animals, Jeffrey is hoping to add caring for a four-legged companion to the mix some time soon.

Jeffrey Levinson

312-265-0136 x232

Senior Customer Advocate

June went to college with a passion for video game development, and jumped into the wider software industry with the goal of trying to understand and support customers' wants and needs to make their experience as smooth as possible. Having started in QA and worked as a User Experience Engineer, both at Milyli, she's now joined the Customer Advocacy team to work more directly with our clients.

June Sery

312-265-0136 x275

Customer Advocate

Marko likes to read, play volleyball, and eat. He’s always looking for travel and restaurant suggestions. Ask him about project management, UX theories, or Ukraine.

Marko Iwanik

312-265-0136 x247

Senior Project Manager

Pete has been with Milyli almost since its founding and has kept the lights on – literally and figuratively – ever since. We would be lost without him.

Pete Brown

312-265-0136 x202

IT Engineer

Tavares "Wood" Porter enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending quality time with his 1 year old son. He loves playing in competitive basketball, softball, and bowling leagues, and stressing over his fantasy football team during the months of September-December.

Tavares Porter

312-265-0136 x203

Office Cook

Chuck first copied a drawing program from BYTE magazine into a TRS-80 Color Computer in 1980. His hobbies over the years have included reading, writing, acting, biking, seeing movies, playing viola & guitar, video and other gaming. Starting Milyli was a great way to bring together the problem-solving, creativity, and discipline of many of his pastimes into the craft of software engineering.

Chuck Kinnan

312-265-0136 x214

Engineering Manager + Founder

Whoops! I’ve been so busy helping people solve their eDiscovery problems that I haven’t had time to write my bio.

Timothy Randall

312-265-0136 x242

Director of Product Dev

Originally from Pittsburg, Cooper holds a degree in biobehavioral health from Penn State University with additional computer engineering certifications. These unique power stats allow Cooper to be one of the most leveled-up players in support – knowing how to manage technical challenges without losing sight of the person in need of an assist.

Cooper Legg

312-265-0136 x231

Senior Customer Advocate

Emily is our Senior Accounting Associate. Before joining Milyli, Emily worked as a forensic accountant for 5 years at Meaden & Moore and most recently worked as a staff accountant for the startup firm, Hunt Club. Emily enjoys playing tennis and soccer, and loves to talk podcasts, music, and comedy!

Emily DuPlessis

312-265-0136 x206

Senior Accounting Associate

In 2013, Jacob started as a summer intern and grew into his role as Technical Lead on the product team. Now, his work focuses on uncovering ways to make Milyli’s products more efficient for their users. He loves tinkering with code to produce higher-quality experiences and showing his team how to do the same. His favorite planning tool is a white board.

Jacob Malliet

312-265-0136 x255

Technical Lead

Katherine has worked with .NET since 2011 and Relativity since 2013. KISS and YAGNI are two of her favorite design principles and she describes her love of testing and documenting code as fanatical. In her free time, Katherine reads a lot of books about gays in space and plays the Legacy format of Magic: the Gathering.

Katherine Bargar

312-265-0136 x265

Engineering Manager

Whoops! I’ve been so busy helping people solve their eDiscovery problems that I haven’t had time to write my bio.

Micah Weinflash

312-265-0136 x277

Migration Technician

Quinn hails from a cool town in Wisconsin called Appleton. Sometimes when no one is looking, he sits at his desk and does some work, which he receives company-wide praise and has elevated his sense of Self to a ridiculously high level. When not sitting on his throne providing world class customer service, Quinn works as a “Game of Thrones” extra. But not really. His favorite movie is “Dragonheart.”

Quinn Palmer

312-265-0136 x230

Customer Advocate Manager

Tony loves video games and comes from a game development background. He currently has the largest Steam game collection among all at the company. With the help of June and Tim, Tony started an internal video-game-of-the-month club where they try to actually play the games they purchase and comment on what they thought of them.

Tony Zahnle

312-265-0136 x259

Senior Developer

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