Chronicle Provides The Easiest Way to Build Real-time Privilege Logs in Relativity

Identify Terms of Privilege

Conduct Review

Audit and Export Priv Log

Construct a privilege log as soon as the underlying documents enter review for a consistent, defensible narrative in a workflow that reduces expense and time.

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Building a privilege log doesn't have to be a last-minute, burdensome task.

Using templates that recognize both Relativity fields and dynamic custom fields, Chronicle is able to concatenate information and immediately reflect coding decisions and update as changes are made. This not only simplifies and streamlines the process of assembling a privilege log, but it also allows viewers to view and revise in real-time.

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Available on
Relativity 9.6.202+



Inconsistency in complex narratives


Repeated need to change designations


Tracking large numbers of documents


Last-minute executions of the priv log


  • Simplify the creation, review, and delivery of privilege logs in a way that also saves time
    and effort

  • Create consistent, clear, and complex narratives

  • Automatically include documents tagged as privileged in real-time

  • Make changes rapidly without impact on the final delivery timetable


  • Template builder allows full control over the customization of the log

  • Able to concatenate multiple document fields with plain text

  • Uses Relativity saved searches to immediately recognize privileged documents

  • Flags privileged docs not identified for the final priv log output

  • Quickly and easily exports privilege log .CSV file


Creating a privilege log is one of the most labor-intensive and expensive parts of the discovery process.

Jenner Block Attorney-Client Privilege Handbook, 2015

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