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Jeffrey Levinson | Account Manager Lead

About Jeffrey

Jeffrey loves helping others solve problems and learning in the process. In his free time, Jeffrey enjoys binging TV shows, spending time with his family and friends, and trying new foods and restaurants. A lover of animals, Jeffrey is hoping to add caring for a four-legged companion to the mix some time soon.

From August 2021 BuiltIn Exercise:

BuiltIn: How does the company support your career growth?

Jeffrey: To make my career more fulfilling, I apply our company name-and-motto, “Make It Like You Like It,” to my work. Whether it's project-based or personal development, with that slogan in mind, I kind of give myself permission to ask for whatever it is I need from my teammates if it will achieve the goals we’ve identified together.

Outside of the literal tools I need for my work, I've been given projects and responsibilities at Milyli that allow me the freedom to make mistakes and "learn while doing." I know this isn't always the case; however, my team here expects upfront communications with sound strategic planning. I think that allows leadership here to extend that freedom to experiment, grow, or try something different to employees more often. Additionally, the level of thoughtfulness and clarity expected by my colleagues when planning and working together has made me a better communicator with our end customers. I've worked in customer service my entire career, but I've really developed a love of problem-solving with customers in my time at Milyli.

Connect with Jeffrey

p: 312-265-0136 x232



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