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Repeatable Privacy Workflow A Relativity Innovation Award Contender

The Challenge

Many privacy and compliance workflows include manual eDiscovery tasks. However, the reasons warranting additional preparation time for non-digital work are dwindling. Court officials are increasingly aware of technological advances that expedite production. Whenever possible, automating proactively improves even partially manual tasks by most efficiently addressing the difficulties associated with large file volumes, complex files, and formatting.


The Approach

One of the world’s largest consulting and legal service providers stays ahead of such shifting expectations by creating easily repeatable automation-inclusive workflows. To design them, and as with any privacy-related matter, they start with a thorough cross team conversation. By integrating questions about repeatable information in early conversations with their clients and clients’ legal counsel, this provider could identify when and where automating would be beneficial for use.


The Solution

This workflow starts with a “PII Analysis” step. While this may seem like a functionally independent stage rather than a step, here, it’s used to create an element essential for automating subsequent steps. Using Relativity’s name entity recognition to analyze the Personal Identifiable Information in the documents, this step prepares rulesets for Blackout to apply to tricky PDF, Image, and Excel files. Populating rulesets in advance also creates clear criteria for quality control stages after Blackout obscures, highlights, and marks up documents.


The Outcomes

First, by capitalizing on Blackout’s automated mass redactions, this provider eliminated previous technical and logistical stages which slowed and made-difficult their manual processes.

Second, but perhaps even more importantly, the provider delivered documents meeting the standards and expectations of their clients and the law despite the high count of complex files in the matter.

Third, the provider established a repeatable, internal solution for an increasingly common request – and the workflow is now under consideration for a 2022 Relativity Fest Innovation Award.


Download as a Free PDF:

2022.10.01 Blackout Innovation Award Nominee
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