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Blackout Makes Manual Redaction As Impactful As Automated Jobs

The Challenge

A product management director at one of the largest law firms in the world shared a success they had using Blackout for Relativity. This law firm wanted to automate as much of their redaction work as possible for a fast-approaching litigation deadline.

Despite a relatively small volume of documents in the review, the files involved were particularly sensitive, complex, and varied enough to warrant two distinct needs only Blackout could serve in Relativity.

First, they needed to automate the cumbersome, native Excels that made

up almost half of the document set.

Second, for their manual review, the reviewer experience would need to facilitate a quick and secure experience aligned to their client’s parameters for produced materials and case timeframe.

“I would add that the Blackout tech support is some of the best I’ve ever experienced.”

The Solution

For the several hundred large, native Excel files in the document set, this law firm worked with Milyli Customer Advocates to ensure Blackout’s automated jobs would remove the appropriate Personal Identifiable Information (PII). As a result, thousands of cells of data were redacted in minutes from these otherwise too-cumbersome-for-manual files.

While automating certain other documents was possible, it was not appropriate for this case’s client. Instead, Blackout provided a manual redaction experience, seamlessly and stably integrated with the Relativity viewer. Used to apply standard box-burned redactions, text-replacement markups and highlighting, Blackout also visualized “hidden” elements like comments, attachments, and other forms of non-visual data in the documents. Blackout’s ability to provide a more thorough review experience is credited for enabling the team at this firm to reach their case deadline successfully.


Blackout Success Factors

• Automated large and complex files when a manual job would require more time than was available for the project

• Software also enhanced the manual review in ways that felt like automating or that addressed human limitations

• Expedited onboarding with use of “Quick Start” videos for experienced and newer team members


Download as a Free PDF:

2022.12.15 Milyli Blackout Case Study Manual Redaction As Impactful As Automated Jobs
Download PDF • 984KB



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