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Account Reviews Confirm More than ROI for Customers

The Challenge

Expensive software that requires expert users for a single use case is not a product Milyli would say helps “Make It Like You Like It." However, many businesses leave thousands of dollars on the table by not using expensive enterprise software as effectively or efficiently. Pricey software warrants support resources that identify and deepen a return on investment.

"We've optimized Excel native redactions [since learning more about how to apply] specific features and capabilities we were not previously as familiar with." Adding, their team "feels Blackout is the best tool for this task in Relativity."

eDiscovery Manager at Multinational Accounting Firm


The Solution

Customer Advocate services are available at no additional cost for Milyli Customers. Recently, they deployed an Account Review program to work directly with software users and outline specifics for how the customer can use their software to achieve the desired:

1. Return on Investment

2. Usage and Use Case Depth and Breadth

3. Satisfaction with Resources and Support

"The visibility of the product roadmap [provided during the Account Reviews] keeps us excited for the product's future and lets us plan for more usage next quarter."

Federal Government Agency IT Specialist


Who Benefits?

• Project/Case Managers

• Legal Assistants

• Case Administrators

• Reviewers

The live review of Blackout's latest capabilities "helped us realize where our home-grown tools need to improve [because they] weren't cutting it."

Senior Practice Support Manager at Large Law Firm



Active product license for any Milyli products – Blackout, Chronicle, and Delegate.

After sharing specific workflow details, this customer said: "Blackout is now assumed to be part of this process."
Explaining their clients "don't need a hard sell to assure them" of Blackout's advanced capabilities."

Senior Practice Support Manager at Large Law Firm


Download as a Free PDF:

2022.06.01 Milyli Case Study Value of Account Reviews
Download PDF • 58KB




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