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45 Member Team Learns Blackout in 1 Day to Knockout a 2nd Request

The Challenge

A law firm customer of Milyli was faced with a government-issued second request for a hospital merger consisting of over four million documents. The variety of PDFs and Excel files contained mountains of Protected Health Information (PHI) and other forms of sensitive personal data. While PHI was sprinkled throughout all documents, the Excels, in particular, contained a majority of identifiable patient information that needed to be securely obscured.

If performed as an image job, each Excel in this request would have resulted in thousands of pages for review. This was exacerbated by a large number of duplicate, versioned files. After an initial start, the team found the amount of work and labor needed to isolate, identify, and redact without Blackout untenable and beyond what even one of the world’s largest law firms could manage.

“We’ve never done a case like this before Blackout. I’m not sure how it would be even practical without a tool like this.”

The Solution

Given the workload, time constraints, and redaction requirements, but not a viable solution, the customer approached Milyli and requested a crash course in Blackout. After a few demonstrations and some short training sessions showcasing various use cases, a team of approximately forty-five attorneys familiar with Relativity started placing redactions in Relativity with Blackout.

The firm’s team started their process with a Blackout-enhanced Technology Assisted Review (TAR) in which they culled the enormous document universe to manageable batches. These batches were tasked in Relativity so each group in the review team could review them for PHI/privilege, tag the docs accordingly as they did, and apply redactions manually as-needed simultaneously.

In just a few business days, the second request was completed and this firm had become a proficient Blackout user, able to save time and effort on future projects requiring redaction – as they had here!


Blackout Success Factors

• Facilitated quick, simple onboarding, setup, and collaboration

• Empowered reviewers to tag and redact simultaneously

• Simplified quality control without sacrificing thoroughness


Download as a Free PDF:

2022.01.15 Milyli Blackout Case Study Law Firm Learns Blackout in Day
Download PDF • 45KB



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