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Blackout 4.2 Update 2 Release Notes: Relativity Aero Viewer Compatibility

Blackout 4.2 Update 2 introduces support for Relativity Server 2022, specifically Aero viewer compatibility.


Blackout support for Server 2022

This release provides full feature parity between Server 2021 and Server 2022, including HTML and Aero viewers.


Full version number v4.2.25145.7283

Relativity Viewer
  • Added support for the Aero viewer

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where some text redactions failed to apply on some excel documents.

  • Fixed an issue where multiple images with the same name on an Excel document would fail to redact every image

  • Fixed an issue where empty rows in an imported rules .csv would cause projects to fail to create every rule

  • Fixed an issue where charts for redacted sheets could still be redacted



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