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Delegate 3.3 Release Notes: Documents Loaded Workflow Triggers

Delegate 3.3 introduces new features, steps, and triggers to level up your Automated Workflows.

We're very excited to introduce, most importantly, the long-awaited document-loaded trigger. This brand-new trigger supercharges your workflows with a new way to kick off your tasks after new documents are uploaded to your workspace!

Whether uploaded via Processing or manually on the document list page, your workflows can now react in kind.


Important Notes

  • Full Release Number: 3.3.25924.34309



Automated Workflows - Document Load Trigger

An Automated Workflow start trigger that kicks off a workflow based on new documents being added to a workspace from any source. Automated Workflows created with this trigger will observe the workspace artifact table for new document artifacts being created in the workspace.

After a new file is detected, a default rolling 5-minute window will begin. If any documents are added to the workspace within this window, the workflow will be delayed until the point where no new documents are added before starting.

This value can be modified by updating the MinutesElapsedSinceLastDocumentLoaded instance setting.




The amount of time, in minutes, a workflow will trigger after a document has been loaded into a workspace with no additional documents loaded within that window.



Default Value (Integer representing minutes)


​Default State


A screenshot of the trigger step in a workflow configured to new document loaded.
New Document Loaded Trigger

Automated Workflows - Relativity Integration Points (RIP) Step

A new step has been added that enables Relativity Integration Points to be run from an Automated Workflow. Useful for supporting ECA cases, custom work, or even chaining workflows between workspaces with the new Document Load Trigger. The Relativity Integration Point must be created before adding the step to a workflow.

A screenshot of the new Relativity Integration Points workflow step.
Relativity Integration Points Step

Automated Workflows - Set Long Text Field Size Step

A new step has been added that will allow workflows to calculate the size, in Kilobytes, of the text contained in a long text field. This step is similar to the Relativity Set Long Text Field Size Mass Action and can serve as a critical step to reacting to new documents being loaded or OCRed.

A screenshot of a configured Set Long Text Field Size step that writes the extracted text size to the file size field.
Set Long Text Field Size Step

Automated Workflows - Edit Document Field Values Step

The Edit Document Field step is a new workflow step that can update document field metadata for a set of documents. This step is similar to the Edit Mass Action. This step enables various new workflows where running the edit mass action typically requires manual interaction.

A screenshot of the update field workflow step.
Update Field Step

Automated Workflows - Pause Workflow Step

The pause workflow step is a highly customizable step that pauses the workflow and sends a message to designated email addresses. Utilize the pause step in any workflow where other users must perform manual validation or quality control checks.

Workflow administrators can designate recipients via email address while setting a custom email subject and body.

A screenshot of the pause workflow step configured with some sample information.
Pause Workflow Step

Automated Workflows - Pause Running Workflows

A workflow administrator can now pause already running workflows. The option for pause is displayed on the view screen of any running workflow.

Clicking the pause button will prevent any new work from being queued; however, the underly Relativity resource will continue to run unless manually stopped. The workflow will provide details about which underly resource was running at the time of pause so that it can be quickly navigated and stopped if needed.

A screenshot of a running workflow with the new pause button.
Pause Workflow

Automated Workflows - Resume Paused Workflows API

A new API endpoint has been added for pausing workflow. For updated documentation, please see our public GitHub page.


Bug Fixes

Client Admin
  • Fixed an issue that allowed any file type to be uploaded as a plugin

  • Fixed an issue where the user credential email was being sent even if the user was disabled

  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause general/unspecified errors when viewing a Client Administration page for the first time

Automated Workflows
  • Fixed an issue where an Automated Workflow could be in the incorrect state after being stopped manually

  • Fixed an issue where an Automated Workflow that contains an STR step now follows the step error behavior when a STR is stopped manually from the Relativity STR page

  • Fixed an issue where workflow steps for Relativity scripts would fail if all the drop-down inputs were not set

  • Fixed an issue where “Invalid Date” was displayed for the start and end date in the Run History for certain global timezones

  • Updated workflow execution details to be displayed to the end user using local date and time

  • Fixed an issue where the Relativity script Automated Workflow step would display an incorrect input box




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