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Chronicle 2.3 Release Notes: Quality of Life Improvements Enhancing Normalization Experience

We packed Chroncile's 2.3 release with "Quality of Life" improvements to bring user focus to their highest-priority work.

This includes updates to Manage Normalizations, Guided Normalizations, and the Normalize Values pages that provide additional context about original names, what documents they appear on, and how many documents they appear.

Keep reading to learn more about normalization improvements with this release.


Version Number

  • Full Release Number: 2.3.25981.16645

Relativity Version Support

  • Support for Relativity 10.3 has been removed

  • Support for Relativity 2023 has been added



Manage Normalization Improvements

Document and Occurrence Count

The Manage Normalizations page has been updated with new columns displaying the number of unique documents containing the original value. This value helps prioritize the most commonly occurring names in the case first.

Another normalization improvement adds a column indicating the number of unique occurrences where the original value appeared in source document fields. This value accounts for the value appearing in multiple fields and can be used to focus on the most important names that need to be corrected for your privilege log!

Manage Normalization Project Filter

Alongside new filters on the Manage Normalization page for Occurrence and Documents, a whole report filter has been added to filter the page based on the Name Normalization Project.

Manage Normalization Project Filter

Before this release, the Manage Normalizations page displayed the normalizations from all projects within the workspace. This filter enables use cases where only the work product from a single project is needed.

Export Options

New options have been added for exporting data from the Manage Normalizations page. Lists of unique normalized names can be downloaded with the Export all Normalized Values options under the export button. Similar to other existing export options, these operations respect the page filters.

Export Options

Normalization Project Improvements

Source Document Linking

When normalizing names, it may be valuable to see the documents that the original values were extracted from. Both the Guided Normalizations and Normalize Values pages have been updated with the ability to access a saved search of the documents for any original value.

In both workflows, the Count column has been updated so that the value is now a link. Clicking this link will open a new tab and navigate to the saved search of the source documents.

Source Document Linking

Apply Normalization Fields

Apply normalizations has been upgraded with options for specifying the target field that normalized values will be written to.

Apply Normalization Fields

System Logs

The system log export has been updated to respect the table filters. Only the filtered results will be downloaded on export.


Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed with this release.



Guided Normalization

The count of occurrences now reflects only the current project instead of all projects in the workspace.


In very rare cases, running analysis a second time would result in analysis failure. This issue has been fixed.




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