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Milyli Makes eDiscovery Easier

Make It Like You Like It” is the meaning behind our name and the guiding philosophy behind the innovative products we offer. Overcome even the most complex workflow challenges with powerful, elegant, efficient, and effective software.

Total Redactions Placed

Whether it is for a litigation or non-litigation task, the expert-built technology powering Milyli's software products offer impactful results that "Make It Like You Like It."

The experts behind our products and services offer more than 125K hours of experience developing for Relativity alone.

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We shorten review times with products and service solutions that eliminate frustrating and unnecessary steps and processes.

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With intuitive UX and time-saving functionality, we allow reviewers to focus on the quality of their work, not their finishing point.

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Better tools reduce review time and costly human errors while increasing efficiencies in any eDiscovery tasks.

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Big goals often have big challenges. Milyli helps customers achieve theirs with the help of a dedicated success team.



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Ready to make eDiscovery easier?

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