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Delegate 3.1 Product Manager's Debrief: Scheduled Automated Workflows

We are thrilled to announce the release of Delegate 3.1, and with it, new tools for scheduling workflows!

Pick from either scheduling workflows to run once or on a recurring basis! Whether a task needs to run daily, weekly, or just once, Delegate’s new Automated Workflow Trigger Types help ensure work completes on time. They also further reduce the frequency with which you’ll need to set middle-of-the-night alarms to kick off important jobs manually, or task yourself to check in over the weekend with calendar reminders that take away from your free time.

Below, Delegate Product Manager Jed Cassinelli and Milyli's Director of Product Management, Tim Randall, share more helpful information in a brief but in-depth look at what to expect from Delegate 3.1.

TIM: What excites you most about this release?

JED: From the get-go, Automated Workflows in Delegate was about giving case teams time back to do things that are more important and productive to them and their customers. You shouldn’t have to tick away the moments that make up a dull day – waiting for one process to finish just so you can click another button to make another process go – and Automated Workflows has been trying to eliminate this type of pain since its launch last year.

Many processes need to run off-hours to prevent disrupting document review. This is why automation tools make such a big difference for everyone involved in Relativity Server-based case work. By adding the ability to schedule workflows to run at specific dates and times, Delegate gives case teams time back in their day. Nights too, for that matter!

TIM: What kind of workflows will this help with?

JED: We know that day-to-day (and week-to-week) work comes in many flavors and combinations – with various staging needs and setup processes. Delegate 3.1 speaks to the variety of these jobs by providing an ability to schedule workflows to run in three different ways – daily, weekly, and one-off. These allow for Delegate’s automations to work well on a wide variety of projects, including:

  • Scheduling document review preparation tasks to start during off-hours

  • Running Relativity Scripts to populate daily usage reports

  • Running dtSearch incrementally as new documents are loaded

  • Executing weekly clean-up scripts

TIM: Are there other Trigger Types you have in mind for Delegate’s future? What could or will they do for Automated Workflow users?

JED: Definitely! We want to give case teams options for generating monthly reports or running maintenance scripts, time after time, so a natural next step would be to introduce a monthly trigger!

And to add even more value to those workflows, we’re also adding the ability to export the results of Relativity Scripts from workflows. That means those monthly usage reports will literally run themselves!

Beyond time-based Trigger Types, we’re exploring running workflows when Documents are added to a case. We’ve heard that Documents can be an important part of a case, and that you might have a few tasks to do when new ones are added, so we’ve added that to the list. 😊

Finally, we’re currently working on enabling users to access an API for running a workflow, but that will be a blog post for another day! In the meantime, I really hope if you’re on Relativity Server, you install and start using Delegate 3.1 today – more time is waiting in the wings!

TIM: Thanks Jed!

As always, you can learn more in this short video and the full Release Notes.



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