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Delegate Automated Workflows for Relativity Server Tech Talk Materials

We weren't able to record Tim's Tech Talk, but here you'll find a PDF summary of his presentation to page through as you watch four videos covering everything he spoke to live. So let us know your thoughts or questions after checking out this easy-to-digest, multi-media intro to Automated Workflow for Relativity Server!

Relativity Fest 2022 Agenda Description

Stop Grinding Tasks Today with Automated Workflows for Relativity Server

Presented by Milyli

It's time to turn off those middle-of-the-night reminders to kick off jobs and capitalize on Delegate's Automated Workflows for Relativity Server. Prevent delays caused by human error by addressing commonly missed steps during job prep with Delegate. In a live demo, watch how teams can prepare a new case and streamline recurring weekly tasks that reduce friction and allow users to reclaim time to better "Make It Like You Like It."

Presentation Summary Slides

PDF Summary of Milyli Delegate Automated Workflows Relativity Fest Tech Talk 2022
Download PDF • 369KB

Automated Workflows in Relativity Server Playlist

Videos in Playlist:

  1. Overview of Delegate 3.0's Automated Workflows

  2. Simplify New Case Startup in Relativity Server

  3. Prep Indexes and Reports for Persistent Highlighting in Relativity

  4. Automations for Recurring Weekly Tasks in Relativity Server



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