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Blackout 4.9 Debrief: 3 Ways New Project Type Makes Migrating Markups Easier

Blackout 4.9 introduces a new project type to make migrating redactions in Relativity less daunting. Migrate Markups Projects move redactions simply, quickly, and reliably across workspaces regardless of the document type.

Several Blackout customers asked for a solution that makes it easier to migrate redactions across workspaces. On a recent discovery call, a Blackout customer and Senior Consultant at a multi-national Service Provider told me:
We spend a lot of time managing markups across large ECA reviews, especially when multiple clients are involved.

Here are three ways Blackout 4.9's Migrate Markups Project helps.

1. Declutter The Steps That Cause Cognitive Overload

Prior to the Migrate Markups project, migrating markups in Relativity required users to know each document type and what kind of redactions were on them and then set up and use different scripts to migrate those redactions. Furthermore, scripts are error-prone at scale and have limited error handling and reporting.

Migrate Markups with Blackout make the workflow as simple as:

  1. Select Source Docs

  2. Choose Markup Sets

  3. Run and Review the Job

Migrating redactions currently involves multiple discrete operations for different document types, and each process has limited error handling or requires system administrator privileges. Migrate Markups Projects eliminate the need to follow a multi-step and unintuitive workflow for migrating redactions. Admins choose where they want to migrate and how to map documents, Blackout handles the rest.

2. Preserve End-to-End Data Integrity

Data integrity is always the top consideration when migrating work product. In a Migrate Markups Project, Blackout users can easily and clearly review every document migrated, knowing exactly which documents were processed, skipped, or failed to migrate. Additionally, undoing a migration is as simple as reverting the project.

Blackout Project Selection Panel
Blackout Project Selection Modal

For further peace of mind, Blackout also does not modify the native file source documents at any point – ensuring your source documents and their data remain securely preserved and readily available for review, new jobs, and other tasks.

3. Enables Actionable Visibility During and After

As a Migrate Markups Project runs, Blackout users can monitor the progress with real-time updates on project status and live warnings when problem documents are encountered. Successfully completed documents are added to a persistent list in the destination workspace as they complete.

Blackout Migrate Markups Project Conclusion
Blackout Migrate Markups Project Conclusion

The Migrate Markups Project is designed to minimize disruption, and users should feel empowered to walk away and reclaim their time until the job completes.

This project type offers significant steps forward, streamlining previously multi-stage, time-consuming operations. Learn even more and see Blackout in action in this short video.



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