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About The Blackout Certified Exam


What is a BCE holder?

A user who completes the Blackout Certified Exam is a "subject matter expert" for the organization who owns or uses Blackout.

The exam covers all the fundamental knowledge required to operate Blackout manual native redactions and automated projects.

Why should you take the BCE?

1. You'll make your job easier to do. While studying for the exam, you'll learn all the technical information for using Blackout as an expert. With the confidence of knowing the software's functionality deeply, you'll be inspired to try new, more effective, or efficient workflows.

2. Certifications are proven to help people advance their careers, increase their professional credibility, and expand their professional networks. Position yourself as a valuable asset to your organization. Passing the exam grants you a customized certificate designed to be easily shared with a manager or on your LinkedIn resume. We also provide a badge for your organization!

Example of Certification
Example of Certification (Updated for 2024 Issuances)

Who should take the BCE?

Current Blackout users who are functioning as their team's Blackout administrator or Blackout redaction workflow team lead. Taking and passing this exam will prepare you for your first case or your tenth. We recommend everyone take the exam since it is free and is designed to thoroughly immerse you in the tool at both the feature level, but also with use case questions.

How can you take it?

If you'd like to get your hands on the exam, you must reach out to us using the business email associated with your Relativity/Blackout account or provider. We'll send you the link whenever you've studied and are ready. It's that easy! Due to high demand, inquiries from non-customer emails will be ignored at this time.

BONUS: How should you study?

I wanted to close with some study tips from my team – the minds behind this new exam and support content. We all took and passed the test, so ours is advice to trust!

1. "Do your homework." – Jeffrey Levinson, Milyli Account Manager Lead

You can prepare with the resources in our support center.

Start by reading through the Blackout user guide.

We know it can be a chore to read technical documentation, but we hope we've kept it as easy-to-consume as possible. Plus, the new format is set up with easier-than-ever left rail navigation to track your progress.

2. "Play in the sandbox." - Cooper Legg, Milyli Senior Customer Advocate

We also recommend spending some time in a test workspace.

Play around with Blackout. Run some test workflows on different document types. If it's a test case, you can't break it.

3. "Raise your hand if you need help." - Trent Brouillette, Director of Customer Advocacy

If there is any way we can help you prepare, let us know.

It's really why we're here – to help you use Blackout better. This exam will help you do that.

Worried about being a nervous test taker? Let's connect via email and talk through any concerns.



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