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Delegate 3.1 Release Notes: Scheduled Automated Workflows

Delegate 3.1 introduces the ability to schedule Automated Workflows to run once or on a recurrent basis.

Delegate Administrators can now develop workflows configured to automatically run daily, weekly, off-hours, or on-hours – any time of day or night throughout the week.

Important Notes

  • Full Release Number: 3.1.25589.45602

  • Relativity Versions Supported by 3.1:

    • 10.3

    • Server 2021

    • Server 2022


Introducing Trigger Types

Delegate Administrators now have “Trigger Types” as an additional option when building their workflows.

Trigger Types
Trigger Types

Delegate 3.0 introduced Automated Workflows and the ability to manually run workflows. With 3.1, Trigger Types bring Scheduled and Recurring Automated Workflows. These options provide broader flexibility for specifying how and when workflows will run.

Scheduled Workflows

The Scheduled Trigger Type provides options for running the workflow at a future time and date. This trigger is useful for one-time reports and document review prep.

Scheduled Trigger Type
Scheduled Trigger Type

Recurring Workflows

The Recurring Trigger Type offers two options for setting workflows to run - daily and weekly.


The daily option allows Delegate Administrators to set the time for a workflow to run each day. A customizable end date limits the number of times the workflow will run.

Daily Trigger Type
Daily Trigger Type


The weekly option allows Delegate Administrators to set a day of the week and to set the time that the workflow will run. Here too, a customizable end date limits the number of times the workflow with this trigger will run.

Weekly Trigger Type
Weekly Trigger Type

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue preventing the mass deletion of Relativity Groups



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