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Blackout Lifetime Redaction Usage Infographics

UPDATED FOR 2023: As of March 2023, Blackout's been trusted to place 4B+ redactions – for 580+ million pages in over 10.4 million docs! So, when considering the graphics below, think about:

  • Scaling 1,300+ meters up a stack of 10.4+ million documents

  • Hiking up and down 580+ million documents in 8.5 Everest-high piles of pages

  • Taking 72+ laps around the planet with 4B+ redactions placed!

Since its usage includes numbers impossible for the human brain to truly conceive, we hope the infographics below offer some mindblowing context for how much people trust Blackout in Relativity for their documents containing sensitive information.

One of the most common uses of our software, Blackout, is anonymizing Excel documents and PDFs. Commonly used in CCPA requests, DSARs, and FOIA requests, Blackout is used to locate sensitive information throughout these document types and de-identify it or black it out entirely.

We would also love to hear your thoughts on the future of secure and safe redaction.

Reach out to us at blackout [at] milyli [dot] com for more information or to have a conversation with us about how Blackout might help with your redaction workflows.



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