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Top Service Provider Saves Money with a Special Blackout Pilot for Huge Pharma Case

The Challenge

Service provider DTI (now Epiq) excelled at innovating and implementing tailored eDiscovery solutions for its clients. Maintaining a high quality level of service involved recognizing existing problems while continuously seeking ways to eliminate workflow inefficiencies. It also required DTI to solve unexpectedly challenging and large cases like those of pharmaceutical clients.

This forward-thinking service provider needed a fast, high-volume redaction solution to manage a significant pharma case on a tight deadline. DTI also needed a ready-to-deploy Relativity-compatible solution that would not tax review resources or its software budget or development expenses, which were fixed for the year.

The Solution​

Milyli proposed a pilot where DTI could test new features of Blackout – the most comprehensive redaction and markup software for Relativity. Having worked with Milyli on a custom development project, DTI jumped at the opportunity.

These new (now standard) Blackout features allowed DTI's reviewers to flag a complicated drug name as well as misspellings or alternate spellings. It also allowed them to redact entire pages more efficiently and with an automatizing component via Relativity's "Saved Search" function.

The Outcomes

  • 80,000 pages of Excel documents reviewed painlessly, quickly, and thoroughly

  • Reduced review period to 4 business days

  • Money saved by DTI on license and by its client in billable hours (a vital differentiator for DTI)

  • DTI participated directly as a tech innovator by being the first to use and provide feedback on new Blackout features

"My estimate would be an extra 4-5 days if the reviewers had to go through and manually find the terms that Blackout found."

DTI's Director of Product Management


DTI, a global legal process outsourcing company, provided eDiscovery, management services, litigation support and court reporting. In 2017, it merged with Epiq Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of integrated technology and services for the legal profession under the brand name “Epiq.”


Download as a Free PDF:

DTI v4.15.19
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