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Blackout Assists with Sensitive PII In Decades-Old, Scanned Documents

The Challenge

A customer had gathered more than 45,000 documents for a complicated civil litigation case involving a foster care agency. A majority of these documents were scanned forms that included some handwritten personally identifiable information (PII) and/or Protected Health Information (PHI). Additionally, many of these documents existed as attachments on emails originally as long ago as almost twenty years.

Key Facts​

  • 45K+ Records

  • 1M+ Redactions Applied

  • 1 Review Manager

The Solution

Using the automated redaction functionality of Blackout, the customer ran redaction jobs on common PII like Social Security numbers, but was also able to take extra care anonymizing the minors involved in the case with additional quality passes on the applied redactions.

While the customer had a team of fifteen working on this case, using Blackout shortened the amount of time they needed for the review. Additionally, Blackout’s accuracy, as well as the ease-of-use, allowed the project manager to scale down to just two reviewers on quality control passes. As most names were successfully redacted, reviewers only needed to confirm certain redactions where the same name referenced in multiple entities.

This customer had under a month to complete this work and stated that without Blackout, they would have had to quadruple the review team’s size.


Download as a Free PDF:

2019.10 Old and Sensitive PII PHI
Download PDF • 62KB



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