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Law Firm Saves Days Migrating Relativity Permissions with Ditto

The Challenge

A major law firm recently underwent an extensive internal change and asked their legal services provider for help with a vast and tedious undertaking. They needed to replicate and/or deactivate permissions across approximately a thousand Relativity workspaces. Also, as part of their internal changes, the law firm wanted to establish a quarterly maintenance cadence to keep their Relativity administrator permissions up-to-date and reduce the effort for similar projects in the future.

Typically, this is very time-consuming manual work as Relativity does not offer functionality to make bulk updates to permissions. However, it was simply not realistic for the law firm to dedicate the operational resources to a manual solution. To avoid complicating things with alternative services, the firm sought to resolve the obstacle firm-wide proactively and turned to Milyli for help.

Key Facts​

  • Update permissions across 1,000 workspaces

  • Unevenly distributed permissions based on 4 templates

  • Permanent fix required to reduce operational cost

The Solution

Milyli offered this customer Ditto, a technology that saves Relativity users time and effort by replicating user permissions across workspaces or between groups in the same workspace. This solved how the firm would update 1000 workspaces in a fraction of the time it would have done manually. Second, it gave the firm a tool to use when performing the quarterly updates their security process requires. By overcoming the permission propagation challenge with Ditto, the Relativity administrators got back time to do more meaningful work. They could focus on the accuracy of permissions’ setup rather than worry about completing a task against a clock’s countdown. By having Ditto on hand, users responsible for setting permissions can also rest easy knowing any mistakes can be corrected in seconds rather than hours or days they would face with a manual process.


While Milyli no longer offers Ditto, we offer an advanced administrative permissions and automation tool called Delegate.



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