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Blackout 4.4 Release Notes: Introducing Blackout Analyze

Blackout 4.4 introduces a brand new feature, Blackout Analyze. This feature provides Blackout administrators a risk-free approach to building confidence that utilizing Blackout will provide an effective solution for the redaction needs of the case.

The tool analyzes a set of rules against extracted text and provides information about document matches. Furthermore, it introduces the capability to modify individual rules and rerun analysis without reverting actions. The results provide case teams an avenue to quickly and efficiently estimate the costs associated with Blackout for a particular workspace and its corresponding value.


Important Notes

  • Full Release Number: 4.4.25409.12605

  • Relativity 10.3, Relativity Server 2021, and Relativity Server 2022 are supported by this release. This feature is not available in RelativityOne.



Blackout Analyze

Blackout Analyze is available via a new tab at the workspace level. This tool is designed to help Case Administrators build confidence that using Blackout will save time and effort for case redaction needs.

Blackout Analyze Example Screen

Creating an Analysis


From the Blackout Analyze tab in a workspace, click New Analysis. Analyses have three required inputs:

  1. A Name

  2. A Saved Search (the set of documents to be analyzed)

  3. Rules

Rules Setup

Rules may be added via a CSV or by clicking the Add Rule button. Analyze supports up to 100,000 Rules in a single Analysis. All rules may be modified in the table, which is filterable and sortable.

Blackout Analyze Example Screen

Running an Analysis

Blackout Analyze is designed to be performant and assist with rapid iteration. You may run an analysis multiple times, edit individual rules, and rerun it without reverting.

Initial Execution

Once an Analysis has been saved, you may execute it by clicking the "Run" button. Upon execution, an analysis will use the current rules set and check each document with extracted text in the Saved Search for all matches.

Blackout Analyze Example Screen
Subsequent Executions

Analyses may be executed multiple times. You may modify an analysis by changing the rules or the saved search. Once edits have been saved, Blackout will notify you to rerun the analysis to have the results match your current rules set.

Every run removes previous results and only displays results from the most recent execution!

Blackout Analyze Example Screen

Reviewing Analysis Results

Exporting Results

A CSV export of the results provides the following information for every match:

  • Document ID

  • Rule Type

  • Rule Label

  • Rule Pattern

  • Rule Source

  • Document Name

  • Document Extension

  • Document Size (KB)

  • Matched Text

  • Match Index

Generate a Saved Search of Documents with Matches

Clicking the Documents with Matches card will create a persistent list and a saved search you can use for a Blackout Project or review the documents further.

Cost Calculator

An integrated cost calculator lets you quickly provide a high-level estimate for using Blackout on a case.

Administrators can toggle the display of the cost calculator via an instance setting.

Blackout Analyze Example Screen

Revert Individual Markup Sets

The Revert Native Redactions Mass Action now supports reverting individual markup sets. This feature also introduces a progress bar to facilitate tracking when reverting a large number of files.

Production Preparation Project Improvements

We introduced a change to improve performance and stability for large files in Production Prep Projects. Now, whenever files with large extracted text (over 1GB) are included in production prep projects, they succeed and include a document warning.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where sorting was enabled on Blackout multi-object fields. We disabled sort because this is an operation that not supported by Relativity.

  • Permission Update: removed the capability to load the manual failures tab programmatically without Blackout Administrator permissions.

  • Resolved an issue where we named Document Warning CSVs incorrectly for some special characters.

  • Resolved an issue where cells that had multiple lines of text would not display the entire original text from the Markup Review Pane in Server 2022.

  • Resolved an issue where failing to upload a CSV to a PDF project would sometimes obfuscate the error.




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