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Your Post-Relativity Fest 2020 Agenda’s 5 Must-See Sessions

This year's Relativity Fest agenda included recommended tracks based on organization type and a mix of on-demand and live session options.

Since these will be available online through the end of October, it's important to watch them while you can.

We recommend that you make the time for the sessions in your preferred track per Relativity's guidance. Then, “Make It Like You Like It” with this selection of sessions from across the various lanes of interest of the Milyli team.

But first!

Some of the Milyli pets during Fest.
Some of the Milyli pet-fam shared on the Fest pet channel.

Okay, now on to Milyli's five "Must-See" sessions to add to your post-Relativity Fest Viewing Agenda!

"The variety of programming this year makes it hard to pick, but the survey data shared in this panel won me over. The responses shared call for everyone working with corporations to recognize how their needs differ from those of law firms. You can use the same tools to serve both. However, to succeed, you need a variety of ways to apply those tools."

Jed Cassinelli, VP of Services, suggests anyone take time to view Exceptional Client Service in e-Discovery: How to Improve Your Game, Regardless of Job Title.

"If this was posted permanently, I'd suggest you bookmark it to share with anyone who needs to learn how to be a good project manager. It covers all the critical skills for keeping projects moving toward success. The speakers also did a very nice job contemporizing examples for the circumstances many of us are experiencing in the pandemic."

Chuck Kinnan, Chief Architect, wants you to add The Judicial Panel to your list.

"This panel is always impressive and gets me excited for everything else at Fest, even though people might think of it as a serious or academic session because of the name. It's important to hear directly from the people ruling on the law and know their opinions, ideas, and expectations – how they think and interact with technology like Relativity. That's why it's my recommendation for a must-see this year."

Jacob Malliet, Tech Lead, enjoyed Aero for Developers: How to Get the Most from Relativity’s New APIs & UI and thinks you might as well.

“I try to make sure I attend the Developer Summit every year, so I will make time for that recording. However, additionally, I really liked this dive into Aero. It complemented what our session spoke to, but was in much greater depth. I also love a session that provides a helpful takeaway, and this one included a PDF of all their slides and examples.”

Milyli's fifth "Must-Have" pick, The Ins and Outs of Government Use Cases, comes from me, Barrett Newell, Senior Marketing Manager.

The entire government track was fantastic, but this session is my recommendation. It was great to see how tasks related to the PRA – similar to DSARs or FOIA requests – are handled using Relativity. Getting to see that kind of real-world workflow is something I always look forward to at Fest because it's hard to find elsewhere.

Don't let these great resources go to waste! Watch them now and let us know if you have any questions.

Last but not least, congratulations to the Fest team and the Innovation Award Winners!



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