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The Milyli Year’s End Round Up

2015 has been a busy and exciting year here at Milyli. And as the FRCP Amendments have everyone talking about and looking forward to more technology assisted review in the coming year, it looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us in 2016, too. As we plan for next year, we’re looking back at our accomplishments in 2015 to guide the way.

New Products and Features! This year we were excited to release a new automated redaction tool, Blackout. Blackout aids the eDiscovery process by automatically redacting specified sensitive information across an entire set of documents at once. We want to help you save time and resources in your discovery needs, and Blackout integrates seamlessly with Relativity to do just that, making redactions smarter and faster. We’ve seen tremendous results early on, and we’re excited to hear a lot of buzz and feedback to continue enhancing this product we’re so passionate about.

This summer we brought you Reporting Packs for Broadcast, our dashboard reporting tool for Relativity. When some of our early adopters showed us exactly what they were pulling together using custom SQL queries, we decided to take a hint and “pre-package” queries and dashboards for Relativity users who might not have in-house SQL experts. Now you can easily pull information on case overviews, the status of a review, reviewer statistics, and billing statistics without writing any SQL on your own.

Our data import tool, Relay, got some additional features in the form of daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled imports, as well as custom object loading that supports not just documents, but any RDO. These features allow users to create a master workspace where they can compare how documents have been coded across multiple cases, all within a single workspace.

This fall we rolled out our newest product, Delegate, which allows service providers to reduce time spent on user, group, matter, or workspace management by delegating that work to their clients’ teams. Delegate frees up the service provider to focus on efficient service and customer experience by empowering clients to serve themselves.

Exciting Custom Solutions! Along with the products we’re building, we’ve also been working with high-profile customers on some really exciting custom solutions. We partnered with Altep on their Open Service application for Relativity, which was a finalist for a Relativity Fest Innovation Award this past October. Having worked with Altep before, they came to us to team up on a solution in which users can pre-purchase discounted bundles of Managed Services hours. The partnership was a natural fit, and Altep knew the end result showed great potential, which kCura recognized not long after with the Innovation Award nomination.

What’s Around The Corner? Relativity 9.3 launched this month, and with all its new features, we have no doubt that next year will be another busy one for Milyli.  In Broadcast you will see the ability for administrators to create their own dashboards in the Admin area of the tool, and as we continue to learn and develop reporting needs from our clients, you can expect more Reporting Packs and cross-workspace functionality. In Blackout we’ve been hearing a desire for the ability to import rule sets, so we’re working on getting that out to you in 2016 as well.

We’ll be in attendance at LegalTech New York this February, so come talk to us to learn more about how Milyli can improve your discovery workflows. We’re anxious to see where new insights and new needs take the development of our products and what we can build for you in 2016.



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