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Layout-to-PDF Built for Secure Production Continuity

The Challenge

A law firm found there was not an easy way to export Relativity document metadata in a format as easily-consumable as the Layouts they’d created in their workspace. The non-Relativity software and printed documents used by the case’s deposition team could not cohesively display the metadata associated with the documents and custom Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs) the firm was using. Additionally, users historically had to creatively export all the information as shown in Relativity. In the firm’s case, screen grabs from their Relativity workspaces were printed as cover sheets to organize materials.

However, cases with numerous productions and complex timing made keeping associated documents orderly difficult and time-consuming to keep current. Additionally, despite a high level of technical acumen managing RDOs, the firm’s attempts to resolve the problem hit a wall – primarily with truncated text and missing associated objects.

Key Facts​

  • Rendering Document and RDO metadata outside of Relativity​

  • Workspaces with many nuanced layouts and views

  • Hundreds of individual medical records with sensitive PHI

The Solution

Milyli conceived Layout-to-PDF to resolve this challenge. This technology renders entire Relativity layouts – including categories, associated object lists, and long text fields – in an easy-to-read PDF with a clean structure and data tables. This addresses visibility challenges that impede quick, accurate, multi-stage tasks like those the customer and many other Relativity users face. Users like Milyli’s customer can create new layouts as needed and export each with the click of the seamlessly integrated “Export Layout” button – eliminating more cumbersome, pre-deposition processes.

Milyli’s in-depth knowledge of Relativity allows Layout-to-PDF to export any desired Document or RDO layout to a legible PDF. The tool’s power lies in its ability to read the many complex configurations users can design for layouts for different RDOs and documents within Relativity. Layout-to-PDF can recognize items as nuanced as custom filtering, sorting, and columns-used on associated views. Uses can then email or print the PDF – as a cover sheet, guide, directions for their project’s next stage, or whatever else they may need.


Download as a Free PDF:

.24 Milyli Integration Relativity



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