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Generate easy-to-read PDF exports of customized Relativity Layouts.


Layout-to-PDF is a simple Relativity add-on that solves a challenging data export need with the click of a button.

Relativity allows users to collect and store a myriad data points that unfortunately are not always easy to produce for complementary tools and processes.


Layout-to-PDF works with any Document or RDO layout, providing users a new button within Relativity that allows them to export all of the data from the layout into a text-searchable, well-structured PDF file.


  • Eliminates cumbersome processes for compiling human-readable metadata exports

  • Takes advantage of Relativity’s layout builder to reuse or design new export formats quickly

  • Creates the opportunity to expand the scope of information managed within Relativity


  • Provides a one-click experience for generating text-searchable PDFs​

  • Works on any custom object (RDO) or Document layout

  • Respects associated object view definitions - including filtering, sorting, and column selection

  • Maintains data organization provided by layout categories

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