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Delegate 3.2 Debrief: Must-GitHub Code for Automated Workflow Magic

Delegate 3.2 brings a treasure trove of new features to Automated Workflows. Alongside the upgrades, the Delegate team and I compiled new support tools to enable developers to interact with Automated Workflows via API!

Delegate 3.2 introduces APIs for starting and checking the status of Automated Workflows. Customize your external workflows by calling into Relativity and kicking off your workflows programmatically. These APIs are flexible and built with the information you need to get as dynamic or creative as possible!

This release also premieres a brand new step, the Webhook Step! Stand up webhooks internally and call into them with the webhook step. Imagine a curated package of information delivered from the step that lets you make dynamic decisions based on the contents and route your workflows on the fly to internal systems as needed. The possibilities are truly infinite!

Delegate 3.2 GitHub Graphic

Delegate 3.2 gives project teams full autonomy in incorporating Automated Workflows into their larger ecosystem of automations and workflows.

Milyli's goal with our tools is always to push for fitting our product into our customer's ecosystems. By combining the APIs with the webhook step, we hope you can find ways to incorporate Relativity workflows into your non-Relativity systems.

Whether that is sending messages in Teams, starting translation services, or making an API call to Brainspace, this release has you covered!

If you aren't currently writing code that connects to Relativity or are unsure where to begin, this learning application could be a great place to start!

Delegate 3.2 GitHub API Graphic

This is one of the first-ever public APIs we've included in our products! Alongside our developer documentation, we've assembled a quickstart application you can start from or use for inspiration.

Additionally, since our API is hosted on a Relativity custom page, we felt it was valuable to have a concrete example of utilizing a Relativity OAuth2 client, as that will be the only way you can authenticate with Relativity to call the API.

We hope the rest of the documentation matches other API documentation you may be familiar with. We've worked to include all of the details you may need to take advantage of these new features!

Be sure to follow the repository as we'll add to the learning project and have more blogs here on our site to dive into different ways you can take advantage of these Automated Workflow tools.

Delegate 3.2 GitHub Webhooks Graphic

After upgrading, if you have any questions, as always, please reach out to us by emailing support questions you may have! You may also create an Issue on the GitHub repository; we'll do our best to respond there.

Have an exciting story or want to talk about it? I'd love to hear from you – just shoot me an email me at tim [at]!



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