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Delegate 3.2 Release Notes: Reporting and Integrations for Automated Workflows

Delegate 3.2 introduces the ability to automate common reporting workflows and integrate them with third-party systems.

We're excited to expand the scope of how Automated Workflows can help case teams. With this release, administrators can automate their internal and client-facing reporting tasks using the new monthly triggers combined with the ability to export the results of their Relativity Scripts. And it's now possible to tie Automated Workflows into the rest of your eDiscovery operations - whether adding a Webhook step to kick off processes in your other tools or using an API call to start your workflows from outside of Relativity.


Important Notes

  • Full Release Number: 3.2.25653.16108

  • Relativity Versions supported by 3.2

    • 10.3

    • Server 2021

    • Server 2022



Export Relativity Script Results

Admins can now configure the Relativity Script Step to export the script results to a file. These files are automatically made available within the Workflow's run history and execution details, providing an auditable record of the script's results over time. Admins can also specify email recipients for the Step, enabling the Workflow to send out the results at the time the Workflow executes.

Configure Relativity Script Export
Configure Relativity Script Export
Download Relativity Script Results
Download Relativity Script Results

Monthly Trigger

Building on the Scheduled and Recurring Workflows introduced in 3.1, a new recurrence option - Monthly - is now available when configuring workflow triggers. There are three additional options available when using the monthly option:

  • First day of the month

  • 15th day of the month

  • Last day of the month

Monthly Trigger Type
Monthly Trigger Type

Webhook Step

The new Webhook Step introduces an outbound communication channel for Automated Workflows to integrate with applications beyond core Relativity. The Webhook Step issues a POST request to a configured URL with basic information about the Workflow in the request body. Sample Webhooks and additional documentation are available in our Delegate API & Webhook Learning Guide.

Webhook Step Type
Webhook Step Type

Automated Workflow APIs

The Automated Workflow APIs introduce an inbound communication channel for applications beyond core Relativity to integrate with Automated Workflows. There are two methods supported via API calls:

  • Start

  • Status

Our Delegate API & Webhook Learning Guide provides sample API calls and additional documentation.


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