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Blackout Survives “Trial by Fire” with DTI

DTI, a Relativity Premium Hosting Partner and Best in Service award recipient, is well-known for providing the most efficient, top-of-the-line legal outsourcing solutions to its clients, including document review. Maintaining that level of service requires constantly searching for ways to improve the eDiscovery process and reduce workflow inefficiencies, one of which is the redaction process. Redacting sensitive information in Relativity currently involves a reviewer manually going through document by document, line by line, trying to identify every instance and apply redactions. In very big cases, the number of people and hours required to redact millions of documents adds up quickly. Understanding this common painpoint for Relativity users, DTI recently signed up for the Early Adopter program for Milyli’s new assisted redaction tool, Blackout.

DTI and the team at Milyli installed Blackout on a test environment, where they planned to thoroughly test Blackout before rolling it out to production environments and offering it to clients. But in the world of eDiscovery, with its court-imposed deadlines involving massive amounts of data, efforts must be doubled down sometimes to get a client what they need. One DTI client, a large pharmaceutical company, had an urgent review deadline come up that required reviewing thousands of pages of Excel documents and redacting instances of a drug name (along with its various identifiers and misspellings). Depending on the available team, a review of this size could take weeks, but it needed to be done with a team of four reviewers in less than a week. Even though Blackout was a brand new application, the Blackout development team was up for the challenge, and both DTI and Milyli were excited to see Blackout run the gauntlet in a real-world scenario to provide the fastest possible solution for a client. And so began Blackout’s “trial by fire.”

Most of the Excel documents that needed to be reviewed only had a few key term hits for redaction, so rather than go through each page of these large Excel docs looking for the rare instance of a drug name to redact, the case manager was able to set up Blackout Word/Phrase Rules to redact all name variations and identifiers that needed to be redacted. Reviewers could then focus on quality control, jumping directly to relevant pages and accepting, rejecting, or overriding Blackout’s redactions to ensure accuracy.

Over the course of the review, the Blackout team at Milyli was readily available to answer questions that came up, such as, “What happens when the criteria for a saved search is changed in the middle of a Blackout job?” The Blackout team worked closely with DTI to resolve issues specific to their workflow, even creating custom scripts to meet their needs – including one that enabled them to extend Blackout redactions to the entire page width and another that would generate full-page redactions to every page of a saved search. DTI was able to contribute to Blackout product development by offering some valuable suggestions for future features and changes that were then included in the Blackout roadmap. Overall, the trial was a huge success for both Blackout and DTI. Blackout allowed the DTI team to redact and quality check every instance of the relevant drug name in over 70,000 pages of material in just a few days, saving DTI an estimated four or five days of time if the review had been done manually. The client was able to meet their deadline, and DTI was able to provide a cost-saving service in a pinch.

Interested in learning more about Blackout or seeing a demo? Visit the Blackout page or contact

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