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Blackout 4.9 Release Notes: Migrate Markups Project

Migrate markups across workspaces and redact threaded comments with Blackout 4.9!

Migrating redactions across workspaces can be cumbersome, especially when verifying completeness for many thousands of documents and millions of redactions. Blackout 4.9 introduces a new Migrate Markups project, allowing you to copy every markup, regardless of how it was placed (Relativity, Blackout, or external redaction) using a simple workflow.


Important Notes

  • Full Release Number: 4.9.25804.59439

  • This is the last release with full feature parity for Relativity 10.3, Server 2021, and Server 2022



Migrate Markups

Migrate Markups Projects are available via the create project modal at the workspace level. This tool is designed to help Case Administrators ensure consistency for markups between documents.

Blackout provides additional information and several new options for creating Projects:

Blackout Job Selection Pane
Blackout Project Selection Modal

Creating a Markup Migration Project


From the Blackout Projects tab in a workspace, click Create. Migration Projects have the following required inputs:

  1. Name

  2. Source Workspace

    1. Saved Search (the set of source documents to match)

    2. Markup Set

    3. Document Identifier Field (the field used to match documents)

  3. Destination Workspace

    1. Markup Set

    2. Document Identifier Field (the field used to match documents)

Technical Considerations
  • Migrate projects execute using high-resource workers.

  • Migrate projects execute in the resource pool of the source workspace.

  • New files are created for redacted documents in the destination workspace.

  • Source redacted files are not modified and links to those files are not created.

  • Workspaces without Blackout cannot be selected as destinations.

Running a Migration

Migration projects are intended to ensure the completeness of redaction for a moment in time. New projects should be created every time you intend to sync the same documents if additional redactions have been placed on those documents.

Initial Execution

Once a migration project has been saved, you may execute it by clicking the "Run" button. Documents in the source saved search will match the provided document identifier field to documents in the destination workspace. This may match one source document to many destination documents.

Subsequent Executions
  • Documents added to the saved search are processed.

  • Documents with warnings or errors are retried.

  • Documents that have been successfully processed that have new markups since the last execution are NOT reprocessed.

  • Skipped documents with no markups are NOT rerun.

  • Skipped documents with no matching destination documents are NOT rerun.

Reviewing Migration Results

The results page details the outcome of a completed migration project. It includes several important resources for reviewing the success:

Understanding Results
  • [Destination Workspace] Documents Marked Up: A count of documents in the destination workspace that have had at least one markup placed by the project across all runs. Clicking this card opens a saved search in the destination workspace with the set of documents in that workspace that have had at least one markup migrated by the project.

  • [#] Documents with Warnings: A count of document pairs that should be reviewed from the most recent project run. Clicking this card downloads a CSV with document ids and a description of the issue.

  • Markups Placed: A count of the total number of markups placed in the destination workspace across all project runs.

Run History
  • Source Docs Processed: the total number of documents in the saved search in the source workspace at the time of the run.

  • Destination Docs Marked Up: the number of documents in the destination workspace on which markups were placed in that run.

Document Warnings

Blackout identifies several conditions for which administrators should review specific documents:

  • Document Skipped

    • Source document has no markups.

    • Source document ID has no matching destination document ID

  • Documents with Failures

    • Destination document type is different than the source document type - Blackout will not place redactions on documents with a different file extension than the source document, even if the identifier fields are the same.

    • Destination document is locked for production - Blackout will not place redactions on documents locked for production.

    • Destination document has existing markups and source document has external markups.

    • Destination document has not been imaged and source document has image markups.

    • Spreadsheet markups fail to apply to the destination document.

    • Image count is different on source and destination documents.


Reverting the project will remove all markups placed by the project from all runs. This will not affect any markups placed on destination documents by other projects.

Threaded Comments

Blackout supports placing redactions on threaded comments. There are notable limitations that will be addressed in future releases:

Spreadsheet Projects

  • Threaded comments that are redacted via a rule do not also redact the author of the comment unless the matched text is the author's name.

  • Document warnings are recorded when a rule matches a comment author's name. Blackout cannot redact the corresponding comment text.

  • The "Replace comment text" setting will also replace the author of every comment with "Author Redacted"

Manual Redactions

  • Any manual redaction will redact every comment in the thread with the redacted text specified by the reviewer.

  • The author will always be replaced with "Author Redacted"

Blackout - Native Prepared Field

Blackout introduces a new multi-object field "Blackout - Native Prepared." This field contains the set of markup sets that have a prepared native. This helps disambiguate from the existing "Blackout - Has Native Redactions" field, which will now only be populated if there are live redactions on the document.

Markup Review Pane - Updated Interface

Blackout introduces a new interface for the Spreadsheet Markup Review Pane for more intuitive filtering.

Blackout Markup Review Pane
Blackout Markup Review Pane

Bug Fixes

  • PDF markup review pane supports paging.

  • Comments removed by a project now have the Redact button disabled unless the redaction is rejected.

  • Resolved an issue where deleting failed markups would sometimes fail to delete markup records if the corresponding file had already been deleted.

  • Resolved an issue where the "Blackout Has Unresolved Markups," document field was not immediately updated after accepting or rejecting markups.

  • Exported Analyze Report now correctly displays "Manual" in Rule Source Column.

  • Inverse markup subtype no longer shows up as an option for page scope.

  • Resolved an issue where documents locked for production sometimes showed markups for the incorrect markup set in the Markup Review Pane.




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