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Blackout 1.2: Now with Highlighting!

After months of development, testing, and old-fashioned elbow grease, we’re excited to announce the release of Blackout 1.2!

With the release of Blackout 1.1, we focused on small but significant features that would improve the user experience of Blackout, including the CSV Redaction Log and automatically creating saved searches with only the redacted documents. Now that high-profile Relativity law firms and service providers like Altep and DTI are regularly offering Blackout to their clients to provide them with more efficient, cost-saving services, we’ve been able to gather real-world feedback about what Relativity reviewers and case managers need. Their input helped the Blackout team develop a roadmap for the next release that would not only improve current functionality, but expand Blackout’s capabilities in a big, big way.

Here’s what we’ve added in 1.2 to make automated markups even easier to do in Relativity:

Highlighting: Blackout isn’t just an assisted redaction tool anymore; it can also automate the highlighting processbased on words, phrases, or patterns that case managers might want to flag for further review. Set up highlighting rules in the same place as redaction rules, choose from the same color palette as Relativity, and review highlights and redactions together within the document viewer. With 1.2, Blackout becomes a one-stop shop for markups in Relativity.

Rule Groups: You could always add as many Blackout rules as you wanted, but now that there are more types of rules – redaction or highlight – we made it easier to add and edit complex patterns of rules, as well as apply multiple sets of rules to a single Blackout job.

Markup Scope: Blackout 1.2 gives you even more control over where redactions and highlights are applied by Blackout. In addition to words or full pages, Blackout 1.2 lets you apply markups at the line, paragraph, block, and full document levels.

Document Mismatch Resolution: Earlier versions of Blackout gave the case manager or administrator information on document mismatches – such as when the term to be highlighted/redacted appears in the extracted text, but not in the image because of formatting or quality issues – but not the reviewer. Now, document mismatch information can be added directly to the review layout, so that reviewers can quickly and easily resolve any OCR or extracted text discrepancies without interrupting the review workflow.

Learn more and get a glimpse into how easy it is to use Blackout at, or contact for a quick demo. Current Blackout customers, contact to schedule your upgrade now.



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