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Announcing Delegate 1.1!

We are excited to announce the latest release of Delegate, our Relativity client self-administration tool!

Delegate allows law firms and ediscovery service providers to empower their clients to manage their own users, groups, workspaces, and matters. Clients are happy because they don’t have to go through their provider for simple tasks, and Litigation Support and Project Management teams are freed up to focus on providing the best client experience.

The newest release of Delegate – Version 1.1 – includes full support for Relativity 9.4 authentication providers and login methods, as well as several ease-of-use improvements requested by the many organizations already using Delegate to streamline their managed services processes. Delegate 1.1 expands the way that clients can interact with the system and makes it better than ever!

To make sure our users have a seamless experience using Delegate in Relativity, we’ve updated our software to support all the changes surrounding authentication in Relativity 9.4 – including multiple authentication providers, two-factor authentication, and invitation workflow updates.  System Admins can configure which authentication providers and options are available to their Client Admins, and Client Admins can choose from the available options and even configure authentication further – like enabling two-factor authentication for their users, for example. Milyli’s Director of Product Development Tim Randall saw this update as crucial for our clients:

Delegate 1.1 aligns with the advancements kCura has made to the authentication and authorization of users in Relativity. It brings us in line with the future of user management in Relativity and lets us extend the awesome new authentication features to not only our customers but the clients of our customers.

In addition to support for 9.4 authentication updates, we listened to our clients’ requests and feedback and implemented several user experience enhancements that make Delegate more intuitive than ever! With only a few clicks, Client Admins can enable and disable users as a single mass action. A “Save and New” button will save you time when adding users, matters, and groups. And now, users and groups can be added from tabs, allowing Client Admins to easily add multiples at one time.

Milyli Software Architect Andrew Boudreau shared his new favorite feature:

The ability to add many users to a group from the group management page is a shining example of giving our clients what they ask for and need. In the old version of Delegate, users could only add to a group from the user page, making the task of adding multiple users a very tedious task. Now, it’s a breeze, and we save our clients even more time.

At Milyli, we want to create the best products for our clients and users, and Delegate 1.1 does just that – improving your managed services offering to keep clients happy and grow your business.

Contact to learn how Delegate has helped law firms, service providers, and other organizations significantly reduce time spent handling simple administrative tasks for clients, while offering their clients even more.

Current Delegate customers: Contact to schedule your upgrade now.



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