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Announcing Delegate!

Anyone who works in eDiscovery knows that little things add up. Small, simple tasks may be quick and easy on their own, but as they pile up, they become time-consuming hurdles that can make it so much harder to reach the finish line. That’s why we are excited to announce the release of Delegate. Delegate is a Relativity application that reduces time service providers spend managing clients’ simple requests by delegating user, group, workspace, and matter casework back to the client. Delegate integrates directly with Relativity for a seamless experience, and the streamlined process makes managing casework easier and faster for both client and service provider.

System Administrators designate specific groups as Client Admin groups and can restrict access to specific workspace templates and resource pools. Client Admins have access to Delegate where they can create, edit, and manage users, groups, workspaces, and matters for their cases. Client Admins are given access to comprehensive audit logs where they can track Admin actions taken across their client. It’s also mobile-friendly, so Client Admins can manage their Relativity environments whether they’re at their desks or on-the-go.

System Admins can access comprehensive audits to monitor Client Admin activities, empowering their clients to easily self-manage while still maintaining a level of security and control. By empowering the client to serve themselves, Delegate frees up time and resources for the service provider that can be used towards enhancing their own efficiency, effectiveness, and the overall customer service experience. Delegate maintains all the security and auditing capabilities a service provider needs, but lifts the burden of managing simple requests. 

Visit our Delegate page for more information and to see screenshots of Delegate at work, or contact to set up a demonstration. To learn more about our other Relativity applications, visit our Products page. We also provide custom Relativity solutions for those problems specific to your needs. Visit our Relativity Services page to learn how we can help.



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