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Announcing Broadcast Reporting Packs!

When we released Broadcast last year, the early adopters used their tech expertise to present custom reports on case data with SQL queries they wrote themselves to pull data like time tracking statistics, case size, and project management ticketing system updates. We were excited to see how people were getting under the hood of Broadcast to get the data they needed, but we also realized that not every organization that uses Relativity has SQL experts in-house. So we decided to make it easier for Broadcast users to hit the ground running. We spoke with law firms, service providers, and other Relativity users to determine the kinds of data they would want to report on and wrote those queries ourselves, which we’re now offering in the new Broadcast Reporting Packs.

Based on that intel, we developed the following Reporting Packs:

The Case Overview Reporting Pack is designed to provide a bird’s eye view of a case, as well as more detailed information about case documents. Some of the reports in this pack include Percentage of Documents Reviewed and Documents by File Extension Type.

The Review Status Reporting Pack shows the current state of the review and its results. The charts in this Reporting Pack offer insight into the overall progress of the review, including Responsiveness Breakdown, Custodian Percentage Reviewed, and Redaction Report.

The Reviewer Statistics Reporting Pack makes it easy to evaluate the performance of the reviewers in your workspace. This set of charts focuses on reviewers’ activities and efficiency, such as Reviewer Throughput Rate, Overturned Documents by Reviewer, and Responsiveness Rate by Reviewer.

The Billing Statistics Reporting Pack offers visualizations for important billing data to provide to clients or to stakeholders. This set of charts reports on data with financial implications on the case to give everyone greater oversight into billing statistics like Active Reviewers by Month, File Size by Month, and Documents Imaged and OCR’d by Month.

Learn more about Broadcast Reporting Packs and take a peek at the graphs in each pack here. And if there’s a particular report you’d like to see in a Reporting Pack, let us know. We’re constantly looking for ways to make Broadcast a one-stop shop for everything you want to report on in Relativity.



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