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Announcing Broadcast!

Your Relativity workspace is full of important data you need to be able to view and report on at a moment’s notice, but there isn’t a straightforward way to do that using Relativity out of the box. If you wanted to view statistics on reviewer progress, for example, you’d need to export reviewer data into a third-party tool, like Excel, where you could then analyze the information and create visualizations. To share reports with others, you’d have to then send those spreadsheets or reports to necessary clients and team members. This workflow is less than ideal, requiring someone’s valuable time to pull data from Relativity and make a meaningful report out of it in an external tool. Another option would be to build a custom reporting application from scratch that integrates with Relativity, but that can take time and budget you might not be willing to spend when you need a reporting tool now.

With Broadcast, you don’t have to worry about the clunky reporting workflows or building custom applications, because Broadcast is a ready-to-install Relativity application that lets you report on workspace data without any external tools. Broadcast gives you dashboards where you can easily report on the data you need organized in the way that makes the most sense to you. Generate charts with your own SQL queries, and choose how to display that data from Broadcast’s six chart types and HTML widget. If you’re wary of writing your own SQL, you can add a Broadcast Reporting Pack instead, which gives you a ready-made group of common charts. Customize your dashboards by dragging, dropping, and resizing charts, and select custom color palettes for charts and dashboards to meet your branding or preferences. Not only do Broadcast dashboards give you a central, easily accessible place for clients and team members to view workspace data, but you can also select which Relativity groups have access to which dashboards.

Check out the Broadcast page for more information and to learn more about Broadcast Reporting Packs, or contact to schedule a short demo.

If you’d like to learn more about our other Relativity applications, visit our Products page. Looking for a custom Relativity solution? We can help with that, too! Visit our Relativity Services page to learn how.



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