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Altep Automates Redaction with Blackout

Altep is a leader in the fields of eDiscovery, compliance risk assessment, digital forensics, and litigation management. As an Orange-level Best in Service provider for Relativity, Altep works with their clients to determine the most creative, cost-saving solutions for their review needs. One big area where Altep noticed inefficiencies was in the built-in Relativity redaction workflow. Altep had previously worked with Milyli on a Relativity customization project, so they were one of the first groups to see a demo of Blackout, our assisted redaction tool for Relativity. Blackout automatically redacts words, phrases, and regular expressions you specify from Relativity document sets, and then lets your reviewers accept, reject, or manually override those redactions right within the Relativity viewer – integrating seamlessly with existing review workflows and ensuring a faster, higher quality review. Altep was excited at the prospect of being able to automate redactions because that meant they could save their reviewers’ time for quality-checking redactions rather than manually applying each and every one.

After thoroughly testing Blackout, Altep rolled it out to a production environment on a case in which they knew Blackout would be particularly valuable: a case with 5,000 documents that needed to be redacted within 24 hours. All in all, the redaction went off without a hitch! Blackout enabled Altep to automate over half of the redaction process, so they could meet their client’s deadline while also cutting costs significantly.

To learn more about Altep’s first production use of Blackout and the benefits they’ve seen by adding Blackout to their service offerings, read the full case study here. To learn more about Blackout and to see it in action, check out



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