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Troutman Sanders Wins Relativity Fest Innovation Award!

Relativity Fest 2014 generated a lot of buzz in the eDiscovery world, and not only for the announcement of Relativity 9, the fantastic keynote, the many sessions, and the debut of our new custom reporting application, Broadcast. There was also a brand new main event at this year’s Fest: The Relativity Fest Innovation Awards. The goal of the awards, according to the Relativity Fest website, was as follows:

“Designed to showcase the best solutions created by our customers, the awards recognize groups who have created workflows, applications, and integrations that streamline their internal processes, increase productivity, and demonstrate innovation by creating applications that positively impact business strategy.”

The awards featured two categories: Best Law Firm Solution and Best Service Provider Solution. Troutman Sanders LLP’s eMerge team was nominated for Best Law Firm Solution for their application SynQ, which they collaborated with Milyli to bring to life. Milyli has been in the business of customizing Relativity to meet law firms’ and service providers’ needs for over 5 years now, so the eMerge team came to us earlier this year with an idea for how to streamline their visualization and reporting processes. Our custom development team was able to work with the eMerge team to develop a flexible application that eliminated the need to do tedious manual data analysis, making it easier and more cost-efficient to push data from Relativity into multiple third-party reporting applications.

At Relativity Fest, Troutman Sanders LLP and the other finalists were able to demo their solutions at the Solution Showcase prior to the awards ceremony. Judges determined the winners by weighing solutions that used various integration points, made the best use of the Relativity API, solved complex workflow issues, and created something that could be considered an entirely new solution. Based on those criteria, it’s clear why Troutman Sanders LLP’s SynQ solution was honored with the Innovation Award for Best Law Firm Solution. Congratulations to them, to Iris Data Services for winning the Best Service Provider Solution award for their Iris Arc application, and to all of the nominees! We’re looking forward to seeing what next year’s awards have in store.

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