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Sneak Peek: Blackout 4.0

Blackout 4 on the horizon!

We are currently hard at work on Blackout 4 and wanted to share our roadmap for it with you ahead of time to help all of our partners prepare accordingly.

What is it?

Blackout 4 is going to introduce two big updates to Blackout and we can’t wait to get them into your hands.

Blackout 4 will introduce native PDF redaction support. A new project will assist in performing mass redaction along with new viewer goodies for quality control and manual correction.

This release will also introduce an overhaul to how we utilize markup sets in the viewer. The active markup set restriction will be removed. Instead, multiple users can redact different markup sets simultaneously without impacting one another. Many of the painful restrictions of managing the active file will be removed from the reviewer’s experience.

What to expect?

Over the coming months, we’ll be rolling out preview builds of the new functionality along with other materials to demonstrate how existing workflows are translated to the new experience.

If you are interested in running preview builds on your dev/test environments, please contact and to participate.

Version requirements

Blackout 4 will require Relativity 10.0.161+ as it takes advantage of new tech introduced in Relativity 10.

When is it?

We are currently targeting the end of February 2020 for public release. We are very excited to get this into your hands, but as always, we will strive to deliver the highest quality product that we can.



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