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Milyli's Relativity Fest 2021 Content

Learn about Milyli in this short YouTube video playlist!

Each video is under a minute and you can see all four in just 3min 35sec.


RSVP to Our Session: Monday, Oct 4, 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

Overcoming Emergent and Recurring Challenges Without Overtaxing Resources

As courts worldwide reopen to a flood of backlogged matters, data literacy and emergent litigation only continue to drive up public requests. However, government agencies can easily overcome the new set of compounding, resource- and time-draining obstacles. In this session, Relativity experts will share how users can centralize and automate tasks like these with real-world examples shared by government users – and with takeaway materials including diagrams of the processes demonstrated.

Miss the session? We've isolated two of the workflows featured in our presentation.


This short read is a follow-up to a previous blog highlighting five times redaction work wasn't as thorough as it could've been. We share lessons demonstrated by each scenario.

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