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Relativity Reporting Made Easy with Broadcast

Earlier this year, we released the 1.1 version of Broadcast, our customizable dashboard reporting tool for Relativity. Since then, the Broadcast team has been working closely with our clients and pilot program members, showing them how to leverage the full power of Broadcast’s reporting functionality to meet their needs. One important part of this process has involved helping the Litigation Support teams and Case Admins using Broadcast set up their dashboards with the right charts and graphs. The feedback we received from them, particularly the law firms that didn’t have SQL experts on-hand to write queries to pull the requested case data, led us to develop sets of ready-made queries for common reports, such as billing statistics and reviewer progress reports. These Broadcast Reporting Packs have made it easier for Broadcast users to hit the ground running without writing their own SQL queries from scratch.

While working with service providers and law firms to deploy Broadcast on their Relativity workspaces and get them set up with the right Broadcast Reporting Packs for them, we’ve also been gathering input and real-world use cases to continue improving Broadcast in upcoming releases. Because Broadcast is such an adaptable tool, we weren’t surprised to see Broadcast users finding uses that weren’t anticipated in initial development, but one of the most interesting things we learned is how Broadcast can be taken beyond reporting on a single workspace’s data. We saw Broadcast users setting up dashboards to report at the client level – that is, across multiple workspaces. For example:

Broadcast users touted the value of being able to see high-level statistics – such as estimated review completion date, number of active reviewers, total and per-month cost to date, and case size – across multiple cases and track progress or costs at a glance, rather than navigating to each separate workspace to view its specific dashboards. But Broadcast allows for that, too. From a high-level overview dashboard like the one above, Broadcast’s linking functionality allows you to control the navigation between dashboards and Relativity right from within Broadcast. You can link charts to other dashboards or pages in the same or other workspaces, allowing you to drill into the data for more detail. Broadcast dashboards can then be shared out to clients and stakeholders based on their level of interest, and you can print or send out PDFs for sharing outside of Relativity.

When you sign up to use Broadcast, you’re not just purchasing an application. You’re receiving the guidance of our expert team to build out reports that help you track your cases and review teams, as well as getting to directly influence the development of the product. From the Broadcast pilot program through deployment in your production environments, Milyli is available every step of the way to provide sample queries, help you customize your dashboards, and set an overall strategy with your team to get the most out of Broadcast.

To learn more about Broadcast, visit, or contact to get more information about our pilot program.



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