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Native Excel Redactions with Blackout!

Native Excel Redactions Our latest release, Blackout 1.7, introduces major new functionality to Blackout, including multiple ways to interact with native Excel files, enhanced reporting, and significant performance upgrades. Continue reading below to learn more about what is in this release.

Automated Native Excel Redaction The most frequent request we’ve heard from our customers is that they want to be able to mass-redact native Excel files like Blackout enables them to do on images.  The team has worked hard these past two months to deliver this feature and now you can create a new Native Blackout Job using the same intuitive Blackout UI that you use for creating Image Blackout Jobs. Simply choose the terms and phrases to redact and define the scopes and types of markups to place on the native Excel file.

Take a look at some of the exciting capabilities of Blackout with Native Excel:

  • Redact or highlight large numbers of Excel documents at one time using the familiar Blackout workflow

  • Access the original native for easy side-by-side quality assurance

  • Easily revert one, several, or all documents back to the original

  • Track familiar job statistics including documents redacted, total redactions, redactions per hour, documents per hour, and job run length

  • Support for comments, hyperlinks, sheet names, and protected Excels

  • Support for extremely large Excel documents (500 MB+)

  • Automatic formula flattening and merged cell handling ensures no loss of data

Manual Native Excel Redactions within the Relativity Viewer While adding mass-redaction capabilities for native Excel files to Blackout is a game-changer for many of our customers, we also heard from our customers that to really solve their pain point with native Excel, they would need the ability to manually redact Excel files without leaving the Relativity viewer. While not originally slated for this release, the Blackout team was up for the challenge, and we are happy to say you now have the ability to redact, highlight, and revert redactions from right within the Relativity viewer.  This feature extends the right-click functionality of the viewer with a new Blackout menu option to painlessly redact or highlight a cell, row, column, sheet, or range of cells.

Check out the details:

  • Rapidly redact Excel documents right from the Relativity viewer without needing to load documents into other systems or log into another platform

  • Revert redactions (or highlights) created by a Blackout Job or manually directly in the Relativity Viewer

  • Fully supports Relativity permissions for redactions, highlights, and download original

  • Complete audit trail for every manual redaction, highlight, or revert performed

  • Manual redaction dashboard for viewing manual redaction statistics or reverting all manual redactions in the workspace

Redaction and Privilege Log Report Generation We could not add support for native Excel without a solution for creating redaction and privilege logs, so Blackout reporting has been overhauled to provide a more open-ended experience.  Reports can now be built dynamically by selecting the document fields your case requires you to report on for both redaction and privilege logs.

Two new types of customizable reports have been added: one showing results for each redaction on the document and a second with results by document. These new reports work on any document in the workspace and can report on redactions placed by Blackout, on images and native Excel files, as well as placed manually through the Relativity viewer.

Here’s what you can do with Blackout’s new reporting:

  • Report on a set of documents determined by a Relativity saved search

  • Choose from any document field for inclusion in the report

  • Get easy access to redaction data, including key information like created by, type, scope, text, and markup set

  • Combine document fields and markup fields to create custom reports tailored to your workflow

  • Retrieve a unique row for every redaction placed on documents in a saved search, or choose to retrieve a unique row for each document and aggregate the field tags and redaction data under one column

  • Easily supplement your existing redaction log or privilege log creation to include all of the data for Blackout, or take advantage of Blackout’s reporting to make the generation easier than ever



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