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Milyli for Relativity 2022 Roadmap: Make Securing Sensitive Info Easier

Hello there!

With 2022 around the corner, here's an overview of the time-saving automations and development plans my team has scoped for our Relativity product suite – Blackout, Chronicle, and Delegate.

First and foremost, we'll continue to prioritize advanced notice and visibility into our releases. In 2021, we launched –and, in 2022, will continue– our live, product manager-led pre-release webinars for customers. These offer feature review before deployment and the opportunity for users to offer feedback and make requests about the release.

Our Director of Product Management, Tim Randall, hosted three this fall for Blackout 4.2 – the Q&A of which confirmed a need to eliminate the "micro-delays" we resolved with that release.

Check out How Blackout 4.2 Turbocharges Manual Review Workflows for more detail on those changes.

The Blackout team is doubling-down on "reviewer-first" enhancements in the year ahead. I asked Marko Iwanik, the new product manager for Blackout for Relativity, to share what he thinks Blackout users should be most excited by in the year ahead.

"I want our team to deliver features that enable our clients to innovate and improve quickly. I look forward to continuing Tim's webinar series and creating additional customer feedback channels for more robust experiences in Blackout.

In 2022, we'd like to zero in on the analysis features that help users better scope (or defend) workflows. Over the years, we've had requests to provide the estimated time needed for a job or the potential number of redactions applied to a document set. I'm very excited to see how we can answer those needs with some of the new features we are planning for next year.

"Micro-automations" for more efficient and intuitive workflows are another area of interest. For example, features that suggest additional redactions, similar to how autocorrect makes a text correction, will reduce overall project times and improve quality control. Even an extra click or two adds up to not time wasted, but "time better-used."

Thanks, Marko! I am also excited to see how we help improve the way people work across their casework with updates in those areas.

More From Marko:

I asked Tim for similar thoughts for our privilege log builder, Chronicle, and our permissions administration tool, Delegate.

"For Chronicle, we're most excited about the work we'll be doing to improve the quality control process within the application while searching for new ways to supplement and enhance the results from Relativity's name normalization for use in the privilege log."

"For Delegate, we're taking learnings from another tool of ours and applying them to Delegate. What's that, you ask? Group permission templating! Delegate users will save so much time with a feature to replicate permissions across workspaces and between groups in the same workspace.

We're also going to be introducing new automated workflows! What kind? We'd love your feedback!

Thanks, Tim!

Next, I asked our Director of Customer Advocacy, Trent Brouillette, to share how he plans to continue the stellar momentum they've had in the last year, expanding their services beyond technical support.

Trent: "The 2021 Quarterly Business Reviews have given customers reporting about their usage and, more often than not, result in some effective troubleshooting of a need or ask the customer had that my team is happy to help resolve.

Our newest videos have been well-received, so we're growing the catalog's breadth and depth. Our product users can look forward to recordings that dive into efficiencies with RegEx rule-writing, troubleshooting common issues, and helpful processes that improve stages like quality control checks.

I also hope customers will take advantage of the 6+ case studies Milyli has planned for the year ahead! My team makes sure those cover compelling use cases and identify specific steps taken, so our current customers benefit from those stories."

Thanks, Trent! Great point about the case studies!

I hope our plans inspire you to "Make It Like You Like It" in 2022. If so, or if you need some help figuring out how, reach out!

All the Best,

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