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Announcing Blackout’s Compatibility with RelativityOne

As a developer partner of Relativity, Milyli proudly announces our Blackout application as fully compatible withRelativityOne — the cloud version of the e-discovery platform.

Blackout is the easiest, most comprehensive way to redact information in Relativity. It automatically redacts and marks up both native Excel content and image files. Using your team’s criteria, Blackout streamlines workflows, reduces review time, lowers costs, and improves review quality. What’s more, it seamlessly integrates into the Relativity viewer, so you don’t have to leave the tool to complete your work.

RelativityOne is a secure and easy-to-run cloud e-discovery platform. It can scale to meet the needs of any litigation or investigation. Integrations and products from partners like us are found in the Relativity App Hub where users can pick and choose solutions to solve their data challenges.

Relativity is an e-discovery platform used in over 40 countries by 170,000+ users. It helps organizations like the U.S. Department of Justice and Fortune 100 companies manage large volumes of data and quickly identify key issues during litigation, internal investigations, and compliance projects. As a cloud solution, RelativityOne offers all the functionality of Relativity in a secure and comprehensive SaaS product.

It continues to be hugely important for Milyli to offer Relativity-compatible solutions, which is why Blackout fully supports the current RelativityOne release. We’ll continue to provide the best service and support with all future releases as well. Recently, we launched Blackout 2.5 to upgrade our automated functionality and manual features. New additions include pivot table support, header and footer redaction, and much more.

Want to implement RelativityOne or Blackout 2.5? Reach out and we’ll connect you with the right people!



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