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How Much Does Automated Redaction Save in EDiscovery Costs?

The biggest trend in eDiscovery today is not the shift towards new technology, or the widespread adoption of TAR in lawsuits, but rather that data is skyrocketing, and so are the prices. And neither of those things appear to be letting up any time soon. Cases are growing larger and more complex by what seems like the day, and services providers and law firms alike are scrambling to find a solution. We have cases containing the highest amounts of data we’ve ever seen, but the process for review remains largely unchanged. With each new piece of data comes that much more time, but attorneys don’t have any extra time to spend, and certainly no one wants to loosen up their budget. The recent FRCP Amendments are taking a step towards containing the process, but the struggle remains.

One place we can make a significant difference, right now, is in the cost of redaction. By automating the redaction process, Blackout can save in both of those areas, covering more data in less time, and at a much lower cost than manual review. To compare the price and efficiency of Blackout with the price and efficiency of manual redaction, consider the following factors:

  • The average review attorney rate is $40 per hour

  • An expedient review attorney can complete manual redaction of 100 pages in an hour

  • Blackout costs $0.20 per page

  • Blackout can redact 10,000 pages per hour

Derived from our experience, these numbers show that the average review attorney could process 10,000 pages in 100 hours, for $4000. But when you use Blackout, the same case is completed in a single hour, for $2000, or a savings of 50%. Use our ROI Calculator below to see how much Blackout can save you on caseloads of different sizes:

Not only can Blackout complete redactions at half the cost of manual review, but it can also save priceless time and resources to be reinvested into the case through things like QC, investigations, and depositions. By automating the tedious parts of litigation, attorneys have more time and money to complete the work that counts.

To learn more about the time and money saving capabilities of Blackout, download our white paper for additional information, or contact to schedule a demo.



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