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Chronicle 2.1 Release Notes: Manage Normalizations Tab and More

Chronicle 2.1 introduces a new tool, Manage Normalizations, with a breadth of functionality aimed at work product reuse.

With added support for utilizing normalizations across workspaces, importing normalized names, or creating mappings manually outside of Relativity, Chronicle has you covered!

We're also excited to bring a range of quality-of-life upgrades to the privilege log creation, including the long-awaited ability to export a filtered version of the privilege log. Keep reading to see all of the new updates!


Important Notes

  • Full Release Number: 2.1.25699.31438


General Updates

All tabs have been updated to be prepended with "Chronicle"

Finding the Chronicle tabs in larger workspaces in Relativity Server 2022 and newer can be difficult. All tabs have been updated to include the word Chronicle for easier identification.

All tabs have been updated to be prepended with 'Chronicle'

Chronicle Manage Normalizations

A new tab between the Chronicle Normalization Projects and Chronicle Audits has been added. This tab provides tools for importing and exporting normalization data. Permissions for this tab are governed solely by the Relativity tab permissions.

Further details on these features are provided in the Name Normalization Features section below.


Name Normalization Features

Export/Import Normalizations

For details about the various workflows supported with this new tab, please read our Chronicle 2.1 blog!

The manage normalization tab supports a variety of workflows for reusing normalizations across workspaces, pre-loading normalized values, and reporting on normalizations in a workspace. The new tab contains a list of the original and normalized values they've been mapped to.

Export/Import Normalizations

Normalizations exported from this page can be loaded into any other workspace to expedite the normalization process, reduce repeated work, and get your teams assembling the privilege log faster than ever!

Export/Import Normalizations

Pre-load Normalizations

Occasionally your client may provide a list of normalized names found in the privileged documents in your workspace. These can be easily imported using the new Managed Normalizations tab. After upload, your values are immediately available for use in any new or existing project in your workspace!

The 'Show all available' checkbox will display imported names that haven't been assigned original values. These names will also display in the normalize values dropdown for quickly mapping original values to them.

Pre-load Normalizations


Privilege Log Features

New Outcome Comparators

Two comparators have been added when checking the value of a field as a part of an outcome. New options, "is set" and "is not set," have been added for quickly validating if a field has been coded or contains a value.

New Outcome Comparators

Easy Access Save Button

The save button has been added to the privilege log toolbar to simplify access when changing large privilege log templates. The toolbar also scrolls with the page, so the save button is always available!

Easy Access Save Button

Simplified Column Reordering

A "Collapse All" button has been added to the privilege log toolbar to simplify reordering columns. Gone are the days of click-scrolling attempting to move your columns around!

Simplified Column Reordering

Export Filtered Privilege Logs

Exporting privilege logs that have a filter applied will now download the log with the filter applied. Apply a filter, click on export, and choose your exported file type.

Export Filtered Privilege Logs

Additionally, you can now export the privilege log as an Excel file!

Minor UI Tweaks

  • Icons have been added to the Edit and Delete privilege log buttons

  • The Download Template button has been moved above the privilege log toolbar


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue on the normalization project page when sorting original and normalized value tables by "count" descending

  • Fixed an issue when running normalization projects again fields with a hyphen in the name of the project




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