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Chronicle 2.1 Debrief: Manage Normalizations Tab Enhancements

Chronicle 2.1 introduces exciting new tools supporting the portability and reuse of your teams' work product.

Whether creating logs for new cases with familiar clients or starting your name normalization process with a list of already-known names, we have you covered!

For a full breakdown of new functionality, please visit our release notes! This blog will focus on how we've worked with our customers to identify time-saving workflows focused on reusing existing work-product.

This month, we anonymized questions from our actual Chronicle customers to share the specific inspiration and asks behind these additions.


[NAME REDACTED]: How can we re-normalize names in subsequent cases for a client without going through the entire normalization process again?

TIM RANDALL: This is actually related to one the most frequently asked questions we get from Relativity users who own Chronicle.

Typically after wrapping-up normalizing names in a case, they'll want to start new cases with those same corrections they spent sometimes full weeks getting just right.

The users we've spoken to in Account Reviews and on discovery calls explained that their teams working are usually working with corporate counsel or long-term clients who constantly correct the same lawyer names in every case. And that leads to repetitious conversations and work.

With Chronicle 2.1, we empower these same users to jump over to the Manage Normalizations tab after wrapping up normalizing for a case and be able to not only access but download all their normalizations or as many as they're using on the case.

Here's a gift capturing how those selections export as Excels or CSVs:

Export Options on Manage Normalizations Tab

In your follow-up cases, use the exported mappings by importing them on the Manage Normalizations tab, and all of the values will automatically be normalized for you.

This will save you hundreds of person-hours normalizing for your case!

Upload Normalizations into Chronicle


[NAME REDACTED]: Our client gave us a list of the names that should appear in the case. Is there a way for us to start a normalization project without creating them from scratch?

TIM RANDALL: We've also heard this specific ask about the reuse of work product from our users frequently.

At least a dozen that I or another member of the team have spoken too have shared that in about 50% of their cases, their team has on-hand or client will provide a complete list of the proper, normalized names that appear in privileged documents.

Here's a direct quote from a conversation I had recently and saved in my notes:

"Our clients provide lists of exported names from user directories or HRIS systems in about half of our cases. Starting normalization processes with these names could save us considerable time when we aren't responsible for writing them out each time!"

Chronicle 2.1 solves for this by making names available for mapping original values right from the start of new cases.

In the same way that we uploaded normalization mappings for reusing work-product across cases, we can also upload a list of names to start new projects with!

Here's how easy uploading is:

Import Options on Manage Normalizations Tab

Immediately after importing the names, they are available for use building whatever logs the user has been tasked with creating.

Reviewing Normalizations in Chronicle

[NAME REDACTED]: Our client wants us to provide a document with all the normalized names in the privilege log. How can we get this information out of Chronicle?

TIM RANDALL: Here, too, the Manage Normalizations export tool can help. We designed the updates in Chronicle 2.1 to make work product work better outside of Relativity as well.

Example of Chronicle Normalizations

Chronicle's export to Excel option makes downloading, opening, and manipulating the data more convenient than ever.

In addition to getting the complete list of names appearing in the privilege log, you can use Excel tools to create reports, pivot on data, and identify common mistakes that appear throughout your document universe!

[NAME REDACTED]: Our client has provided a list of known name misspellings in their document fields. Is there a way for us to manually import the corrections for these misspellings?

TIM RANDALL: This inquiry is one our Customer Advocacy team encountered during ticketing and brought to my team. Now, Chronicle 2.1 provides users with an easy-to-use starter template for manually creating and uploading normalizations to your case!

Download Template from Chronicle

The template has two columns. One column for inputting misspelled names, pseudonyms, or shorthand names, and a second for inputting the normalized name. After filling out your values, import the document, and all existing and new projects will automatically map the input values for you. No extra steps are needed!

Whether you are reusing work product across multiple cases or starting from a list of mappings from your clients, Chronicle ensures your data remains portable while eliminating repeat work.

The Manage Normalizations functionality added in Chronicle 2.1 is a simple-to-use tool that adds support for some big workflows. Learn more in this short video.



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