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Blackout 4.8 Release Notes: Mass Uploads for External Documents

Mass upload externally redacted documents and assign dedicated agents to large workspaces with Blackout 4.8!

One of Blackout's driving principles is making complex technologies and operations simple to use. Over the past decade, Blackout's infrastructure has changed significantly in an effort to meet increasing document file size and volume needs.

We're excited to introduce two features that directly address pain points when working with large documents:

  1. Externally Redacted documents may be mass uploaded

  2. Blackout Agents can be added or removed from Resource Pools


Important Notes

  • Full Release Number: 4.8.25694.418

  • Minimum supported SQL version is SQL Server 2016



Mass upload externally redacted documents

Blackout allows you to upload up to 100 documents with External Markups at a time.

Blackout will attempt to automatically map files to control numbers. You can modify the mappings manually.

Files will be uploaded one at a time. If a file fails to upload, the upload operation will move on to the next document in the set.

N.B. The maximum number of documents that may be uploaded at once is configurable at the instance level.

Markup Review Pane available for locked documents

Users can now access a read-only version of the Markup Review pane for documents locked for production. This allows users to jump to the location of redactions and view the original text even with the document in a locked state.

Blackout Agents support Resource Pools

System administrators can create dedicated agents for individual clients and workspaces, isolating their Blackout capacity from the rest of the system using Relativity's Resource Pools.

System administrators control this behavior from the Blackout Agent Configuration administrator tab.

When the setting is enabled, the Blackout Agent Configuration tab displays which Resource Pools a server is assigned to.

Additionally, Blackout Administrators can see which resource pool a project is running in from the Blackout Project Status tab.


Performance Improvements

  • Improved viewer load times by reducing the size of Blackout's javascript files.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where documents that did not have a native file would be missing from the Analyze Project export file.

  • Unhide Excel Content mass action progress bar reflects actual progress.

  • Resolved an issue where the Blackout PDF toolbar would overlap with other application icons.

  • Resolved an issue where the Blackout Find & Redact toolbar would overlap with other application icons.

  • Updated the Revert Native Markups mass action window to display the number of Failed reverts.

  • Fixed an issue where character scope dtSearch rules with multiple words could sometimes miss a word.

  • Character scope is reported as "Character" instead of "1" in markup reports.

  • Fixed an issue where Tesseract resource files were sometimes unavailable.

  • Blackout object fields now filter successfully with any number of markup sets.




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