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Blackout 4.7 Release Notes: Find & Redact for Images

The release of Blackout 4.7 introduces Find & Redact for Images!

Find & Redact for Images enables reviewers to provide names, email addresses, or other PII and redact it quickly. Blackout Reviewers can now search for and redact sensitive information on images using words, phrases, or dtSearch syntax.


Important Notes

  • Full Release Number: 4.7.25610.52304



Find & Redact

Images now contain a Blackout Find & Redact search box in the top right corner. Find & Redact respects existing Relativity Redaction privileges while supporting all image redaction styles.

Blackout 4..7 Release Notes Find and Redact
Blackout 4..7 Release Notes Find and Redact

Preconfigured Search Rules

Blackout Find & Redact for Images comes configured with a dropdown that includes a rule for redacting all email addresses at the click of a button. System administrators may configure the set of preconfigured quick redact words and patterns to suit their review team needs.

Blackout 4..7 Release Notes Preconfigured Search Rules
Blackout 4.7 Release Notes Preconfigured Search Rules

Usage Considerations

Documents with three or more pages require OCR to be pre-generated via a Blackout Image Project before Find & Redact is available to reviewers. System administrators can configure this threshold via instance setting.

Blackout 4..7 Release Notes Usage Considerations
Blackout 4.7 Release Notes Usage Considerations

Pre-OCR Image Projects

Image projects now have a setting that allows Blackout Admins to generate OCR for a set of images without running any rules. This tool can help prepare documents for use with Find & Redact or to get ahead of any long-running image project by OCRing early.

Blackout 4.7 Release Notes Pre-OCR Image Products
Blackout 4.7 Release Notes Pre-OCR Image Products

Manual Failures Tab Improvements

The manual failures tab now includes paging, filtering, sorting, and several new columns. Mass operations are now more user-friendly.

Blackout 4.7 Release Notes Manual Failures Tab Improvements
Blackout 4.7 Release Notes Manual Failures Tab Improvements

Blackout Analyze Updates

Blackout Analyze now supports dtSearch syntax rules.


Known Issues

Blackout Image Projects using character-scope redactions fail to redact part of the last character of a rule if a punctuation mark immediately follows the match. This issue exists in Blackout 4.6 and 4.7.

Performance Improvements

  • Improved accept all/reject all performance of Manual Spreadsheet Redactions with thousands of markups

  • Improved stability of large image projects with Character Scope OCR

Bug Fixes

  • Mass Accept/Mass Reject operations now respect filters in the Markup Review Pane on image documents

  • Improved messaging around Relativity errors in the document viewer that cause Blackout to fail to load properly

  • Fixed an issue where Blackout Analyze results would not export if results contained documents without extensions

  • Orphaned markups now appear in the Manual Failure tab

  • Fixed an issue where redactions could be placed in the incorrect order when run through a propagation project with many reverts and reruns




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